Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Após entrar para o clube de Shogi, Ayumu prometeu para si mesmo que irá se confessar assim que derrotasse Urushi em uma partida, mas, devido ao fato dele ser iniciante, isso nunca acontece.


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1You Are Cute, Senpai

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2I Want to Make You Happy, Senpai

Urushi needs more members to officialize the shogi club. But she’ll have to survive Sport’s Day first!

3I Want to Go on a First Date, Senpai

Ayumu and Urushi are going to the school festival together. But it’s not a date—they’re just, uh, trying to recruit more members for their club! Yeah, that’s it!

4I Want to Spend Time Together, Senpai

It’s the end of the year, and that means Christmas is coming. If Ayumu makes the right moves, he and Urushi could actually make some progress.

5I Want to Know More, Senpai

A new year marks a new beginning and Urushi coincidently runs into Ayumu when she’s out and about!

6I Want to Get It From You, Senpai

Valentine’s Day is here and that can only mean two things: chocolates and anxiety.

7I Can’t Just Quit, Senpai

A new challenger approaches!

8It’s a Role I Refuse to Relinquish, Senpai

The shogi club is now official, but Urushi realizes she must earn Rin’s respect. Meanwhile, Rin wants to know exactly what’s going on between Ayumu and Urushi.

9I Want to Make Memories, Senpai

Golden Week is here, and that means the shogi club can relax and have fun!

10I Can’t Back Down, Senpai

Tension is in the air when Ayumu meets Urushi’s father.

11I Want to Get Stronger, Senpai

Urushi’s thoughts drift towards a certain someone while she’s on a school trip. Meanwhile, Ayumu and Rin bond while practicing shogi.

12I Want to Win and Tell You How I Feel, Senpai

Ayumu is determined to win a shogi match once Urushi returns from the school trip. But then Rin asks him an important question.