Sr. Ávila (2013)

1hAction & Adventure, Crime, Drama

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Um homem de classe média, pai de família e vendedor de seguro de vida esconde uma vida dupla como assassino de aluguel dentro de um grupo criminoso organizado.


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1Above and Below the Don

Sr. Avila is a slave to himself and, even more so, to the organization. Fear has settled inside him, and also a deep desire to take revenge. Returning from death, Avila has won a new and unexpected ally and is more determined than ever to fulfill his destiny.

1A Clown Roars Into the Night

Señor Ávila is now the “Boss of Bosses.” Hanging onto this job is going to be even tougher than the road he’s travelled so far.

1Christ's Hitman

Sr. Ávila lives in torment, under threat of death, and receives an “assignment” to kill someone who is the same age his son would be. María, confined to a mental hospital, doesn’t remember a thing.

1Surprise Party

Ybarra and Ávila are a couple of guys living apparently predictable, routine lives, whose real occupation is murder by contract. The next assignment will put their friendship to the test.


Avila entrusts Alvarado with a secret and very special case. Meanwhile, Ivan becomes increasingly obsessed with power and status, and Sanchez makes a new friend in AA.

2The Woman Without a Face

The Boss of Bosses is faced with a tricky case: a hit where no one knows who the victim will be, where the client has gone, or who is going to do the deed.

2Pies in The Face

Ávila does what he believes he must to keep on being the “Boss” of the business.

2By the Book

Ávila has to carry out the toughest assignment of his career. His life is getting complicated, and is about to take an unexpected.

3God's Hobby

Avila seems to gain ground against Cardozo; Ivan receives a new assignment; and Sanchez investigates the death of an old woman. Meanwhile, in the funeral home, Ana exerts more influence.

3The Hacking Bells

When a mysterious woman vanishes, signs point to a mole in the organization.

3The Master and The Watchmaker

As Ávila gets closer to the real Iván and certain secrets of his secretary’s past come to light, Sánchez and Erika make a crucial discovery.

3A Lousy Job

Ávila accepts Sr. Moreira’s proposal. With a new apprentice and a tough case on his hands, he is looking for “stability” in his life.

4The Embalmed Wolf Is Asleep

Ávila and Molina form an alliance based on mutual mistrust, and decide to go ahead with their plans. But they have to cross a minefield. Sánchez tells Ávila who the old lady’s killer is. An unexpected return puts Ávila in a very risky situation. Cardozo puts him under pressure. He does not trust Ávila, who knows that if he challenges him, he could be in great danger.

4Puzzle of Faces

El Buitre is hiding much more than money. A mystery. Possibly an alliance. A mole and a hit that must be stopped.

4Playing To Be Someone Else

Gumming up the execution of someone else’s contract is a most serious offense in this business; however, Ávila might just be willing to run the risk.

4A Stranger In The Mirror

Ávila tackles a difficult mission and ends up indebted to Ismael, as Moreira, caught in a losing battle, decides to throw in the towel.

5All Or Nothing

To put their plans for revenge into practice, Ávila and Molina will have to go to war. Cardozo calls everyone to account and defends his actions. A meeting with Ávila appears inevitable.

5Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

A chance event brings startling revelations to light. Ávila enters into a dangerous alliance.


In the business of death, when two “bosses” face off, only the two of them can personally agree on a settlement. The injured party is the one who sets the price.

5Sr. Ávila

Ávila becomes Señor Ávila, the boss, and inherits problems that threaten the company’s reputation for reliability. Iván will help him to solve some of them.

6Be Careful What You Wish For

Guzmán has become the Boss, but longs for the time when he was just a simple soldier. He has always been a loyal and faithful servant and knows he is in a risky situation, so decides to seek help. But maybe it is already too late.

6Too Long of a Night

A high-value hostage badly wounded, a killer who knows too much. The time has come to take a stand and make alliances.

6The Good and The Bad Master

The “Board of Directors” meets to settle the impasse between Ávila and the Croat. Its verdicts are final and not subject to any appeal.

6Reliquaries and Vampires

Sr. Ávila handles his first case, tries to find Maggie and is about to learn some of the unwritten rules of the business.

7The Ways of The Boss

Skillfully and cunningly, Ávila is advancing his plans. Iván is having a relationship with Maca and tells her some of his secrets and details of his past. Sánchez is temporarily out of the picture and a storm is approaching.

7Rumors About a Dead Man

A failed attempted murder brings to light a mysterious criminal organization. All of the past comes back.

7A Shot in the Mouth

With the help of Iván, Sr. Ávila stays one step ahead of the unpredictable. María suffers an attack and lets go. Erika discovers information that is of interest to Ávila.

7To Kill an Immortal

Ávila discovers how complicated it is to do away with someone who is immortal, and Emiliano comes across a strange connection between Ismael and his father.

8My Way

El Buitre and Sánchez are surrounded and will have to take action to avoid the inevitable. Laura Duarte reappears and is just about to escape again. Ávila’s revenge is almost complete.

8A Ghost Named Molina

Sr. Ávila and Iván are on the trail of a ghost. The testimony of a mysterious witness will be decisive.

8Beast's Mercy

Ávila is ready to dig up the secrets surrounding Emiliano’s death, as well as bury any evidence that gets in his way.

8God’s Whims

Sr. Ávila seeks help, both earthly and divine, to handle the case of the “immortal,” as the police close in on Ismael and Emiliano.

9Get Away From Me!

The Justice Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of Roberto Ávila for a string of murders. The Council of the Bosses is in panic, but Ávila appears to be the only target. Cardozo is safe. Ávila confronts Molina.

9Puppets and Puppeteers

Unexpected witnesses and furtive encounters mark a hunt for a ghost. Who is pulling the strings?

9El Señor Juarez

The son of Señor Juárez decides to speed up the natural course of events and asks Ávila for help, as Erika keeps getting closer and closer.

9The Child and The Spiderweb

Emiliano will make a mistake that leaves Ismael exposed, as María discovers new deceptions by Ávila and comes dangerously close to the truth.

10Kill First, Live Better After

Ávila is confronted by Cardozo. Iván recalls his crimes. Sánchez closes the circle and arrives at the precinct. Molina settles his debts. The final meeting will be where it all began, in the funeral parlor, and where it all may end.

10Twelve Names

Ávila gets to where he is going, willing to do anything; perhaps the only ending he can manage will turn out to be his own.

10Boss of Bosses

The war of the Bosses will be declared: the one who knows best how to apply the rules will win. In the end, Ávila will receive his absolution, but at a very high price.

10Neither Borges, Nor God

Ismael’s story is revealed, as Detective Sánchez closes in on the real Sr. Ávila.

11Freud and Ghosts

Juliana’s case is closed, Sánchez is acting on his own, and Ismael is believed to be dead. Sr. Ávila feels relieved. But not for long.

12That Day

Sr. Ávila makes mistakes, and fate places Sánchez within reach of the truth to unmask him.

13A Child’s Gaze

Ávila is going to pay a high price for being the Boss of the business, as Ismael approaches his fate. They both know their days are numbered…