Sweat and Soap (2022)


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A love story between Natori Kotaro who works as a product development planner at a cosmetics and bath products company and has a fetish for smells and Yaeshima Asako who works in the accounting department and has an inferiority complex about her body smell when she sweats.


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Asako (Yuno Ohara) lost her self-confidence due to the relapse of the trauma of the past called 'Sweatko-chan'. Kotaro (Kanta Sato) notices Asako's accident and asks her cause, but she doesn't try to confide. Two weeks after feeling the distance from Asako, Kotaro finally decided to take a step into Asako ... The two who share not only happiness but also 'sadness' and 'suffering' are finally taking a new step. How is the ending of the two 'fragrant love' connected by the smell ... Welcome to paradise ... !!