Tá Tudo uma [email protected]! (2022)




Phoebe é uma estrela de podcast de 30 e poucos anos vivendo uma vida desajustada. Mas quando seu irmão mais velho, Jayden, se torna um político renomado, ela é forçada a crescer, o que a leva a pedir a ajuda de seus amigos e familiares para navegar a vida adulta.


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1Choosing Between Peen & Politics Is Trash

Phoebe, a 30-something outspoken podcast star, is forced to start her "adulting" journey.

2Black Excellence Is Trash

Phoebe and Malika are thrilled when the podcast is selected to be featured in a magazine.

3Canvassing Is Trash

Phoebe and the gang canvass for signatures to get Jayden on the state representative ballot.

4Public Image Is Trash

Jessie's mentor asks Phoebe to be a guest speaker at his university.

5Catching Feelings Is Trash

Phoebe decides it's "heaux-o'clock" after a date tells her he wants to explore a deeper connection.

6Family Is Trash

Jayden's obsessive need to fix Phoebe creates a rift between the siblings.

7Rom-Coms Are Mostly Trash

After Phoebe suddenly sees Michael in a new light, she attempts to set him up with Malika.

8Being an Auntie Is Trash

After she gets some new interns, Phoebe's desire to be cool "Auntie Fee Fee" causes problems.

9United Fronts Are Trash

Phoebe hosts a dinner party to help the gang get to know her love interest.

10Election Night is Trash

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