Talia na Cozinha (2015)




Quando Talia, de 14 anos, visita sua avó durante o verão e começa a passar um tempo no restaurante da sua família, ela descobre que tem um dom.


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1And Spice Makes Nice

Talia arrives in Miami and discovers her father's spice collection hidden in the locked walls.

2Sugar Rush

After discovering that the Fuccinellis were responsible for closing Lola's, the feud grows.

3Don't Cry Over Spilt Tres Leches

Talia and her friends attempt to re-open her family's restaurant. Meanwhile, Debbie and Frenchie seek vengeance.

4It's Raining Spices

Talia's food is sabotaged during Lola's unofficial opening.

5A Cat Named Bechamel

Dolores is keeping a big secret from Talia.

6Fowl Play

Lola's may close again in the wake of a prank. Meanwhile, Tyson wants to apologize.


Talia does some investigating to learn more about the magical spices.

9The Open to End All Opens

Talia may miss Lola's big reopening because she's become trapped. Meanwhile, Frenchie deals with the repercussions of Talia's prank.

10Spice Me Up

Talia cooks food for herself using the spices. Meanwhile, Tyson asks Talia to go out on a date and Frenchie finds out who was responsible for sabotaging Fuccinelli's.

11The Last Enchilada

Talia's experiments sees her finding out about something new about the spices. Will becomes suspicious about Talia's cooking.