Tattoo Fail (2021)


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Os melhores artistas transformam desastres de tatuagem em encobrimentos impressionantes, com designs escolhidos pelos entes queridos dos clientes.


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1Quem está pronto para tattoos ruins

Matt transforms a black blob into a bouquet, Tommy Montoya gives a raunchy quote a skull and 'shrooms redo, while Rose tackles a tribute to an ex.

2Uma aposta picante e uma confusão infernal

Twig gives a silly chile a spicy makeover, Matt replaces Michael Jackson's glove with a rose, and Tommy vanquishes a quote from "Gladiator."

3Autenticidade acima de tudo

Rose turns German song lyrics into a tribute to Grandma. Twig covers witchy ink with a mythical griffin, and Miryam hides a client's freaky booty tat.

4Leões, bodes e uma ex... Quer mais

Tommy and Rose fix two astrological disasters: a sad Leo lion and a creepy Capricorn goat. Miryam covers an ex’s name with a skull.

5Tatuagens desastrosas

Matt Beckerich stares down a huge F-bomb, and Rose Hardy deals with some devilish ink. But how will Twig fix a lipstick that looks like a dog's penis?

6Erro de tradução

Twig Sparks turns backward lyrics into a badass dragon. A tattoo of a naked woman resembles a slice of pizza, but Miryam Lumpini's on it.