Teasing Master Takagi-san (2018)

24mAnimação, Comédia

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A história foca no estudante do ensino médio Nishikata, que sofreu humilhações após ser provocado pela Takagi, a menina da mesma classe dele. Desde então, ele prometeu que vai fazer Takagi ser humilhada do mesmo jeito que ele foi humilhado.


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1The Grip Strength Thingy / Tan / New Semester

Is it possible? Has Nishikata finally one-upped Takagi at long last?

1Textbook / Hypnosis / Waking Up / Skipping Stones

While sharing a textbook with Takagi after forgetting his own, Nishikata foolishly tries to pull off a word-prank.

1Eraser / Day Duty / Funny Face / One Hundred Yen

Takagi-san is an expert when it comes to teasing Nishikata. Is there any way Nishikata can get back at her?

2Presence / Presence, Continued / Desk Check / Library Duty / Sunset

Sometimes, there isn’t any need for words. Other times, there are. And every so often, a relationship grows closer despite the teasing.

2Ice / Appearance / Bangs / Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day upon them, Nishikata tries to hide the fact that he's hoping to get some chocolate from Takagi, but she sees right through him.

2Calligraphy / Seasonal Change of Clothing / Pool

Nishikata doesn't know what to write for his calligraphy class, so Takagi-san suggests they should both write what they want from each other. Nishikata wants Takagi-san to stop teasing him, of course, but what does Takagi-san want from Nishikata?

3Fan / Bewilder Ball / Cat Rescue / Rain

Takagi, of all people, is the one to discover something embarrassing about Nishikata.

3April Fools' Day / Blossom Watching / Forms of Address / New School Year

Nishikata tries to pull off a few pranks against Takagi on April Fools' Day, but she asks for a day free of tricks between them.

3Coffee / Empty Can / Soda / Muscle Training / Dubbing / Umbrella

Mina believes she’s mature enough to enjoy coffee, but Yukari and Sanae think otherwise. On a rainy day, Takagi-san has forgotten her umbrella. Nishikata to the rescue...?

4Uniform Change / Winter Uniform / Lunch / UFO / Night

Takagi finally admits defeat, but Nishikata cannot accept victory. Not when he has the chance to beat her at her own game!

4Arm Wrestling / Grown-Up / Bitter Taste / Bicycle

After easily defeating his classmates in arm wrestling, things don't go quite as well for Nishikata when Takagi challenges him to a match after class.

4Cleaning Duty / Kickover / Cold / Tailing

Nishikata is put on cleaning duty as a punishment for interrupting class. As he goes to the cleaning supply storage, Takagi-san is there! Was she put on cleaning duty too?

5Dislikes / Gyoza / Audition / Fishing

Some things never change, especially when green peppers are involved. The class puts on a play for the culture festival, but who will land the leading roles?

5Questions / Eyebrows / After School / Happy Birthday / Sneeze

It's Nishikata's birthday! While on his way to buy his own cake for some reason, he runs into Takagi.

5Studying for the Test / Test / Test Results / Bookstore / Shelter from the Rain

Nishikata is studying hard for the test for the sake of his video games when Takagi-san enters the library. Takagi-san teaches him how to solve a math problem, but Nishikata can't help but think she's up to no good...

6Culture Fest

Both Takagi and Nishikata prepare for their class’ production of Romiya and Juliot. But how much of the play will be a performance, and how much of it will be real?

6Revenge / Dodgeball / Buy and Eat / Date

When Nishikata and Takagi go to the snack shop hungry, they end up buying more than they planned. Then, their classmate shows up.

6Tandem Riding / First Day of Summer Vacation / Test of Courage / Summer Science Project / Water Tap

Nishikata is so happy summer vacation is starting, but Takagi-san doesn't seem that excited. She suggests they should practice tandem riding during vacation. When Nishikata agrees, she finally seems enthusiastic about summer vacation.

7On a Walk / Left at School / Santa Claus? / Knitting

Nishikata knows that he and Tagaki often spend time together and worries their classmates will mistake them for a couple. Who is he trying to convince?

7Camping Trip

While at camp, Nishikata hears that if you're holding hands with someone you like at the end of a folk dance, they'll like you back.

7Shopping / Swimsuit / Ocean / Room

Nishikata is at the mall to buy the latest volume of "100% Unrequited Love" when he runs into Takagi-san. She wants Nishikata to help her pick out a bathing suit, but Nishikata is too embarrassed to be seen with her. Suddenly, Nishikata hears a familiar voice...

8Side Trip Part 1 / Side Trip Part 2 / Side Trip Part 3 / Side Trip Part 4 / Renting DVDs

Legend has it that a boy and a girl will start dating if they visit the local shrine together.

8Storage Closet / Nurse's Office / Lottery

While cleaning up in the gym storage unit with Takagi, Nishikata pretends the door won't open, only to find that they really are locked in.

8Typhoon / Marathon / Ribs / Regret

Nishikata has mastered tandem riding with Takagi-san, so why does he feel a bit melancholy? On his way to school, Nishikata is psyched about the typhoon, but he runs into Takagi-san at the worst timing.


Nishikata realizes that if he doesn’t do something soon, he will have lost to Takagi for an entire year. However, in matters of the heart, perhaps he’s already won.

9Made You Look / Talents / Worries / Messages

Nishikata wants to surprise Takagi with a handmade surprise, but something seems to be going on with her. Later, he spots her bike at the shrine.

9Cell Phone / Horror / Photo

Nishikata receives his first cell phone and can't wait to play tricks on Takagi-san. He sends her a scary video to frighten her, but it doesn't quite work. As usual, Takagi-san has the upper hand when it comes to teasing...

10First Shrine Visit / Snowman / New Year's / Advice

A new year marks new beginnings and new promises. So when Takagi sees Nishikata and Hojo having a private conversation…

10Eye Drops / Scoop / Hide and Seek / Treasure Hunting

On their way home from school, Nishikata and Takagi find what looks like a treasure map. They decide to follow it.

10Who’s Taller? / I Hate the Cold / Invitation / Two-Choice Question

Takagi-san and Nishikata compare heights to see if Nishikata did indeed grow. But as always, her method is unusual and Nishikata can't help but wonder... Meanwhile, Yukari is curious about the two because they're always hanging out together. Are Takagi-san and Nishikata going out?

11February 14th

Nishikata receives Valentine’s Day chocolates, but they aren’t from Takagi. Something has now changed; something important.

11Steps / Fireworks / Souvenirs / Promises

One day during summer vacation, a confident Nishikata pretends to run into Takagi accidentally: he's prepared what he thinks is a fail-proof prank.

11Cat / Taste / Portrait / Fortune Telling

Nishikata really likes cats but doesn't want Takagi-san to know. But when he sees a very friendly cat, he can't help it. What is a guy to do?!

12March 14th

Nishikata struggles with the most important question of his life. Now, he must give Takagi his answer.

12Summer Festival

Nishikata and Takagi are mistaken for a couple on their way to the summer festival. Nishikata can't deny it fast enough, but then they get separated.

12Letter / First Day of School / Seating Arrangement

The class has been secretly writing love letters to one another, which confuses Nishikata when he discovers one in his textbook. He assumes Takagi is responsible yet refuses to directly ask her.