Sirius the Jaeger (2018)

23mAction & Adventure, Mistério, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animação

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Tenrou: Sirius The Jeager se passa na Capital Imperial em 1930. Um grupo de pessoas carregando caixas de instrumentos musicais apareceram em Tokyo. Eles são chamados de Jaegers, aqueles que vieram caçar vampiros. Um jovem chamado Yuliy, estava entre eles com uma impressionante serenidade e aura incomum. Sendo um lobisomem atrás de vingança pela sua aldeia destruída por vampiros, Yuliy e os Jaegers se envolvem em uma batalha mortal pelo misterioso arco sagrado conhecido como, o Arco do Sirius.


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1The Revenant Howls in Darkness

Yuliy and the Jaegers plan an assault on a vampire meeting in Shanghai, then follow the ringleaders across the sea to Tokyo.

2Deprived Talent

After Agatha's attack, Yuliy recovers at the house of a doctor conducting advanced research. Agatha hasn't given up yet.

3Indelible Memories

Shaken by his encounter with one of the vampires during the attack, Yuliy recalls his childhood and how he came to meet Willard.

4Beginning of Trickery

The team investigates the researcher's death, and Willard crosses paths with a secret agent. Yuliy and Dorothea head to Shizuoka.

5The Frankenstein

Aboard the train, Yuliy meets someone he thought was dead: his brother. When a group of bandits attacks the train, they make a strange discovery.

6Mokingbird's Song

The vampires determine that the Ark of Sirius isn't in Tokyo, but they still have one task left in the city. Willard learns something urgent at the bar.

7True Confession

The military interrupts the vampire assault on the mansion. Mikhail and then Kershner tell Yuliy about the Ark and how it relates to his past.

8The Sanctuary of Sirius

Alone, Yuliy heads to southern Karafuto/Sakhalin on the trail of the Ark of Sirius. His brother and the vampire prince Yevgraf are already there.

9Father's Shadow

Yuliy and Bishop meet an old man who knew Yuliy's father, Alexei, but he refuses to say anything further. In town, they run into Ryoko and Iba.

10Memories of the Abyss

Willard and the Jaegers find an artifact related to the Ark and set out after Yuliy, who's almost reached both the sanctuary of the Ark and his father.

11Calling in Blood

As Willard and the Jaegers fly towards Karafuto, Bishop makes his move. With Ryoko and Iba as backup, Yuliy confronts the vampires and his brother.

12The Ark of Sirius

Mikhail confronts Yevgraf, but he's already consumed the Ark. With Yuliy and Willard aboard, the airship flies toward the final confrontation.