Terrivelmente Adorável (2018)

35mDorama, Comédia, Drama

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Já pensou em destino compartilhado? Lovely Horribly é uma comédia romântica thriller drama. Too Philip, um top star, e Ji Eul Soon, uma escritora de dramas, se encontram e passam por coisas estranhas. Eles nasceram no mesmo dia, na mesma hora, e eles compartilham seu destino oposto. Se um deles fica feliz, o outro torna-se sem sorte. O relacionamento entre esses dois é totalmente ligado à coincidência, destino, terror e romance. Como Philip e Eul Soon vão lidar com seu destino compartilhado? Como todos os outros, os dois querem ser felizes, mas isso parece impossível. Fique ligado para assistir ao amável e horrível romance entre esses dois para descobrir.


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1Shared Fate

Eul Chook and Eul Soon are born on the same day and time. Because of this, they have a shared destiny. But because of that shared destiny, Eul Chook becomes a successful actor as You Philip while Eul Soon lives an unfortunate miserable life. Meanwhile, they cross paths with each other as adults by coincidence.

3My Misery, Your Happiness

Eul Soon finds that there was a landslide on her way back home. She manages to rescue Philip and Yong Man, but she gets back home as soon as the ambulance arrives. Later, she gets a meeting with Philip and gets her chance to explain that she is the original writer of “A Ghost’s Love Story”.

5Switched Destinies

Philip and Eul Soon are terrified as they hear the news about Ki Eun Young’s body being found from the landslide. Eul Soon receives a text telling her to come to the fifth floor of Corina Residence, and she thinks it might be from Eun Young. Meanwhile, Philip sees Eun Young at the event in Gyeongkwang Hotel and chases after her.

7I'll Do It

Philip gets angry at Eul Soon as he finds out that she didn’t tell him what she wrote even when she wrote about what would happen. Sung Joong visits Philip’s house to pick up Eul Soon and sees a woman coming out from there. Meanwhile, Philip feels sorry towards Eul Soon and decides to do her drama under the condition that she tells him what she wrote before giving it to anyone else.

9Don't Trust Her

Eul Soon panics as she sees a vision of Philip getting shot, so she tries whatever that came to her mind first to change the flow. She sees a glimpse of the man who could’ve shot Philip and remembers that he was the same man who she met on the day Eun Young disappeared. Meanwhile, Philip receives shocking news from Yoon Ah.

11Never Go Home

Eul Soon gets questioned at the police station, but Philip comes to her rescue. As they get out of the police station, they meet an old friend of Philip and discuss about which other friend would hold a grudge on him. Meanwhile, Sung Joong visits Eul Soon’s house to tell her something.

13If Only One May Live

Philip receives a surgery after being shot, and meets his mother in his dream while recovering from the surgery. Meanwhile, Eul Soon visits Philip’s hospital to check his condition and runs into Eun Young. Eun Young tries to remember the place where she was abducted.

15There Must Be Another Way

Philip starts shooting the drama and asks Sung Joong to hire Eul Soon again. Eul Soon starts working at Philip’s home but Philip asks her to leave as he is afraid of her getting hurt again. Meanwhile, Yoon Ah asks Eun Young to get rid of Eul Soon’s drama, “A Ghost’s Love Story”.

17Because It's You

Eul Soon decides to throw away the necklace into the ocean and make her own fortune. Things don’t seem to go as she planned as she and Philip keep get-ting themselves into trouble as soon as the necklace is gone, but Philip tries his best to help her. Meanwhile, Philip finally speaks out his feelings for Eul Soon.

19I’m Back

Eul Soon gets scared that she might get abandoned by somebody as Philip makes his move. The private investigator Yoon Ah has sent gets caught. Eul Soon realizes that Sung Joong was the kid that followed her around when she was young. Meanwhile, Philip get furious as he finds out that Yoon Ah has been digging into him and Eul Soon.

21Why Did You Come Back?

Philip sees the ghost of his mother at the old dumpling shop and hears her say something strange. Sung Joong reveals that he has been seeing Eul Soon every eight years too. Detective Lee visits Eun Young to ask a few things and finds her very odd. Meanwhile, strange things happen at the filming for “A Ghost’s Love Story”.

23Giving Back

Eul Soon realizes that she and Philip met for a reason and decides to break up with him out of fear. Eun Young gets horrified after seeing what she has written. Detective Lee successfully manages to stop Eun Young from leaving the coun-try. Meanwhile, Philip feels uncomfortable after seeing that Eul Soon is smiling now.

25He Really Wronged Her

Sung Joong visits Eun Young’s apartment after receiving a call from her, but he finds strange things there. Eul Soon tries to avoid telling Philip about what she heard that would happen when she turns 34, but Philip is persistent. Meanwhile, Tae Shik sees Ra Yun’s ghost and shudders in fear.

27I've Decided Not to Hate or Avoid Her

Philip tries to knock down Eul Soon’s old house. Eul Soon stops Philip and tells him that his mom tried to save him even until the end from the fire eight years ago. The detectives think that there must’ve been a connection between Dong Chul and Eun Young. Meanwhile, Dong Chul is spotted again.