The Bureau (2015)

55mCrime, Drama

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A fantástica historia gira em torno da humilde vida de William Debailly (Mathieu Kassovitz), que é um agente do diretório geral de segurança externa, o departamento treina e cria identidades falsas para seus agentes no qual são enviados para muitos países em todo o mundo assim se infiltrando para espionagem, onde passam diversos anos de sua vida. O único objetivo desta agente super secreta é coletar todas as informações possíveis que sejam de valor e que colaborem com as operações especiais do Diretório em Le Bureau des Légendes Online. Passando-se anos de trabalho ultra secreto e vivendo em Damasco, capital Síria, Wiliam regressa para o seu país de origem que é Paris, mantendo a sua identidade falsa criada pelo Diretório, ao retornar para a sua terra trás consigo diversas coisas uma delas é crença e também hábitos de vida, com essa mudança ao retornar Wiliam pode colocar todo o sistema secreto em risco e exposto para todo o mundo.


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Chased by the DGSE and the CIA all the way to Moscow, Malotru tries to negotiate his return to France. The DGSE’s new head of Internal Security, JJA, initiates a full-spectrum audit of The Bureau and its new chief Marie-Jeanne, with the clear-cut intention of severing a few heads in the process.


Dumped by the DGSE, Malotru comes out of hiding and is quickly located by the Russian secret services. At the DGSE, Liz manipulates Sisteron to cause distrust between he and Marie-Jeanne. Meanwhile, Jonas begins to suspect that his mission might be hiding an ulterior motive: to ultimately eliminate the Jihadists he has been targeting.


Arrested for Espionage by the Russian secret services, Malotru is tossed aside and left to the mercy of other inmates. Back in France, the DGSE is striving to understand his motives before making a move. Marina’s phone has been hacked and used in a cyberattack against the Boulgakov Centre. Back in Iraq, Jonas suspects that a seemingly repentant Jihadist may be playing him to sneak his way back to France.


While under intense pressure from the FSB to cooperate, Malotru is considering how to approach a cyber operations officer. Back in France, Marie-Jeanne seeks Mag’s advice, only to find out that JJA had coerced him to resign and that she could very well be next. Jonas hires an expert to infiltrate an Islamist financial network.


Just as Karlov is beginning to lose patience, Malotru suggests recruiting Ellenstein. Back at the DGSE, Marie-Jeanne is monitoring a cyberattack, hoping to track down the person responsible for hacking Marina’s phone. Meanwhile in Mosul, Jonas and Jean-Paul are searching for a way through the ravaged city to get to the Collector.


In Moscow, Malotru welcomes César, who has taken Ellenstein’s identity. Back in Damascus, the Syrian authorities refuse to let either Jonas or Jean-Paul access the morgue, where Iode 3’s body most likely lies.


Karlov asks Malotru to join the FSB in Moscow. In Paris, Sisteron and the entire Bureau must answer to an inquiry questionnaire on Marie-Jeanne, which JJA intends to use against her during the next board meeting. Meanwhile, Marina is resenting the way the Bureau is using Micha, afraid to once again leave a trail of destruction in her wake.


Sisteron warns Marina that her cover has been blown, but that her arrest could help on another crucial assignment. Meanwhile, Malotru parts ways with Samara and comes back to France, where he is to be held in solitary confinement. Back in Syria, Jonas has lost Iode 3’s track and must turn to artificial intelligence to try and find him.


In Ukraine, Malotru arrives at the exchange location to get Marina. But on the way back, their convoy deviates from the route initially agreed upon by the DGSE, forcing him to warn Sisteron. Back in Paris, Marie-Jeanne quickly understands that Malotru’s life is at stake and confronts JJA and Ponte. Meanwhile, Jonas interrogates Iode 3 to try and prevent an impending terrorist attack in France.