The Forbidden Marriage (2022)

1hDrama, Mistério, Comédia

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Sobre o rei Lee Heon, que perdeu sua princesa herdeira há 7 anos e proibiu o casamento, e Ye So Rang, que é um golpista do casamento, pode ser possuído como o príncipe herdeiro morto.


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Yi Heon, the king of Joseon has ordered the Prohibition of Marriage as he has not yet found a queen. However, the prohibition is already in its seventh year. Heon is not able to choose a queen as he cannot forget his beloved Crown Princess who passed away years ago. But then, a girl who claims she can be possessed by the late Crown Princess appears before Heon.


So Rang officially starts working at the palace as a court lady. Her duty is to make sure Heon eats well, sleeps well, and help him talk to Ja Yeon. Although she is nervous that Heon might think of her as a fraud, she still does her best to make him lift the marriage prohibition. Also, So Rang's past is revealed. She tries to avoid everyone who once knew her as her true self, Ye Hyun Sun.


Shin Won seems to realize that So Rang is Hyun Sun, but So Rang is not quite sure whether he knows or not. Meanwhile, Heon gets advice that it would be wise to go on a hunt. It is to show that Heon is still strong as always even without a queen. However, something unexpected happens at the hunting site and puts So Rang in need of a physician.


The absence of So Rang leaves Heon more bored than he expected. As she comes back after full recovery, she runs into a book writer at Aedaldang. Do Seok is a writer and painter who makes romance novels. With the masterpieces he made, So Rang tries to provoke Heon to wed a girl. Meanwhile, Lady Seo gets word that someone who resembles Hyun Sun is in town. She looks for her herself to get rid of loose ends.


Even if it means defying the King, Shin Won cannot bear to see So Rang spend a night with Heon. Because of his feelings for her, the tension between Shin Won and Heon grows. Meanwhile, a rumor spreads across Hanyang that the ghost of the late Crown Princess is witnessed. Shin Won and So Rang are in search of the person who started such chaos.


The appearance of Ja Yeon's ghost stirs up the palace. However, Shin Won and So Rang investigate thoroughly to prove to Heon that she is not real. Eventually, they find out that someone has stolen the late Princess' court dress. The ghost is a person who just resembles Ja Yeon and is part of a scheme made by someone with a high rank within the palace.


Heon and Shin Won quickly go after the kidnappers who took So Rang and Hae Young. Although they were able to find Hae Young, it seems So Rang has been taken somewhere else. Eventually, they find her well in a small village called Gongnyang Village. By seeing how the people here are living happily with loved ones, Heon realizes what he has been doing to the people of his country.


So Rang believes that Heon still confuses her as the late Crown Princess. Although her love for Heon is sincere, she does not want it unless Heon feels the same way for her. Just as Heon is trying to prove that he also truly loves her, an attack on the Palace occurs. Chun Seok and Shin Won become severely hurt by the attack and leave Heon in danger.


Shin Won leaves the palace and does not want to be found. Although Heon is sad to let his friend go, his relationship with So Rang becomes much deeper. However, Heon must now officially choose a queen and lift the Prohibition of Marriage. As So Rang does not want an official title, the two are not sure of what to do.


So Rang finally steps up and retakes her rightful name. Hyun Ho also takes her side after realizing that he has been deceived by Lady Seo. The Prohibition of Marriage is lifted, and Joseon has become a country where everyone can love freely again. With So Rang as his Queen, Heon devotes himself to ruling Joseon by truly loving the people.