The Game: Towards Zero (2020)

32mDorama, Crime, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Tae Pyeong é um profeta. Quando ele olha nos olhos de alguém, ele pode ver o momento antes que eles morram. Tae Pyeong é inteligente, rico e bonito. Apesar de sua habilidade especial, ele é uma pessoa brilhante. Um misterioso caso de assassinato em série chama a atenção de Tae Pyeong. Ele faz parceria com a detetive Joon Young para resolver a série de assassinatos.


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1Tae Pyung and Joon Young’s First Encounter

Ms. Jung wants to know how Sung Min will die, and she tells Tae Pyung that she doesn’t want to see him die before her death. Sung Min wants to know who is going to kill him. Tae Pyung tries to stop Sung Min’s death, but it’s not easy. Meanwhile, Tae Pyung encounters Joon Young at the hospital, but he can’t see her death in her eyes.

3Tae Pyung Tells The Truth

Tae Pyung tells Ji Won that Mi Jin bought the cake, and Ji Won asks Tae Pyung how he knew about it. Ji Won reports to the police that Mi Jin is abducted, and Joon Young goes to the patrol division after receiving the report. Joon Young encounters Tae Pyung and asks him to tell the truth.

5A Miracle

When Joon Young finds out where Mi Jin is buried alive, she does everything she can to save her. When people start to believe it was too late for Mi Jin, a miracle happens. Mi Jin starts breathing again. At the same time, Tae Pyung experiences his foresight being changed for the first time in his life and hopes this will lead to something beneficial.

7Do Kyung's Past

Dong Woo wants to verify if Tae Pyung really can see people’s death. Joon Young shows Tae Pyung the pictures of three victims, and Tae Pyung says what he sees in the pictures. Tae Pyung tells Joon Young that they can save Mi Jin once again if she believes in him. Meanwhile, Joon Young wants to hire Tae Pyung as a consultant for the investigation.

9Tae Pyung's Old Memory

Joon Young and Tae Pyung want to meet Do Kyung to find out if he’s really the culprit. Do Kyung and Tae Pyung finally meet each other, and Tae Pyung regains his memory he had lost 20 years ago. Tae Pyung saved Seong Woon’s life when he was young. Meanwhile, Dong Chul died accidentally while trying to arrest Pil Doo.

11Ill-Fated Relationship

Seong Woon tells Tae Pyung that he needs to stop here if he wants to avoid causing Joon Young’s death. Tae Pyung tells Seong Woon that he will persuade Do Kyung before he really kills Joon Young. The police start to interrogate Do Kyung. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun realizes that Hyun Woo is Do Kyung.

13Do Kyung's Grief of Losing His Father

Joon Young tells Woo Hyun that they should disclose the fact that Pil Doo wasn’t the real culprit who killed seven girls. Joon Young tells Do Kyung that she will right every wrong, but he thinks that won’t change anything. Jun Hee gets to know that Pil Doo is not the murderer who killed Mi Jin. Meanwhile, Tae Pyung decides to surveil Do Kyung.

15Hyun Woo's Basement

Tae Pyung finds Hyung Soo in Hyun Woo’s basement. Joon Young tells Hyun Woo to turn himself in, but he won’t listen to her. Tae Pyung takes Joon Young to his place because he wants her to have a meal. Meanwhile, Joon Young notices that Tae Pyung installed a spy cam at Hyun Woo’s place.

17Seong Woon's Death

Tae Pyung tells Joon Young that he likes her a lot, and Joon Young tells him to tell her once again after they catch Hyun Woo. Seong Woon tells Hyun Woo that he has seen Hyun Woo for over 40 years. Tae Pyung wants to find a photo of Seong Woon to figure out his death, but he can’t find it.

19Woo Hyun's Confession

Tae Pyung starts to work as a consultant of Crime Division One to find out the truth of Seong Woon’s death. The detectives and Tae Pyung find out how Hyun Woo knew about the real identity of Killer of Midnight. Tae Pyung gets to see the photo of Jun Hee. Meanwhile, Hyung Soo tells Jun Hee how he fabricated the evidence.

21Turn Yourself In

Tae Pyung tells Do Kyung to turn himself in so that he won’t kill Joon Young. Joon Young asks Tae Pyung if she can stay over at his place since that could make him less anxious. Meanwhile, the reporters come to the station asking about Jun Hee’s whereabouts. In the midst of that, Do Kyung comes to the station to turn himself in.

23Sorry for Leaving You Alone

Tae Pyung explodes the car, but both Tae Pyung and Hyun Woo end up being alive. Tae Pyung is taken to the hospital and is put through rigorous surgery. The police tries to find traces or the body of Hyun Woo, but they end up being unsuccessful. Hyun Woo is hiding in one of the vacation houses nearby.

25The Letter

Joon Young tries to persuade the detective not to arrest Tae Pyung without a warrant, but Tae Pyung ends up being in a detention center. Tae Pyung gives a letter to Woo Hyun to tell him about the detectives’ deaths. In the letter, Tae Pyung says that the bombing attack will happen at the presentation ceremony.

27Tae Pyung Can't See Jun Hee's Death

Jun Hee is not at the police station, and he doesn’t answer his phone either. Tae Pyung looks at Jun Hee’s photo, but he can’t see Jun Hee’s death. The detectives want to know how to disassemble the bomb, but Min Jae tells that there’s no way to disassemble his bomb. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo wants to see Joon Young alone.

29Hyun Woo's Changed Plan

Hyun Woo knows that Joon Young didn’t send the email. Joon Young tells Hyun Woo that nothing can justify the crimes he has committed. Ye Ji goes to the detention center where Ji Won is locked up. Tae Pyung follows Hyun Woo’s car. Meanwhile, there are police in the detention center to dispose of the bomb.