The Heavenly Idol (2023)

1hSci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

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Trata da história de uma pessoa chamada Lambrary, que viveu como um sumo sacerdote, um agente de Deus em outra dimensão, acordando durante a noite no corpo de um ídolo coreano desconhecido.


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1Pontifex Rembrary on Earth

Pontifex Lembrary, with his highest authority as a chief, manages all things under Lord Redrin's influence. One day, in the midst of a divine ceremony, Lembrary loses consciousness when The Evil One threatens his and his people's very existence. He then wakes up to find himself in a different world where everyone calls him "Woo Yeon-woo," one of the members of Wild Animal. Everything he does is going to cause major problems.

2A Slave Contract

Lembrary learns that he needs to become a successful idol in order to get endless access to "tributes." He realizes that he needs those tributes to gain energy for prayer. He has a hard time adjusting to the life of an idol, but he manages to get his name known. Meanwhile, Dal gets a job at LLL Entertainment as Wild Animal's road manager. One day, she takes Lembrary to a psychiatrist.