The Law Cafe (2022)

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Um drama de romance jurídico que retrata a história de Kim Jeong Ho, um ex-promotor que agora é dono de um prédio, e Kim Yu Ri, um advogado com personalidade 4-D. A história se concentrará nos eventos em torno de um escritório de advocacia que também funciona como um café. Kim Jeong Ho é um ex-promotor e atual proprietário de um prédio que costumava ser conhecido como um “gênio monstro”. Kim Yu Ri é uma advogada que tem uma aparência bonita, mas não hesita em mostrar sua personalidade impetuosa ao testemunhar a injustiça.


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1Meeting An Old Friend

Yu Ri, a pro bono lawyer, decides to open a law café where she can give friendly advice to those seeking legal advice. She believes the best lawyer is someone who solves the problems even before they proceed to court. She meets the landlord of the new café, and it turns out to be her old friend, Kim Jung Ho, a former prosecutor.

2Loving One Woman For 17 Years

Yu Ri decides to abide by the rules Jung Ho has set and moves into his building. Despite what they agreed upon, Jung Ho keeps meddling in Yu Ri’s business out of concern. Yu Ri gets the first client who is seeking advice on the noise problem from the upper apartment unit. Soon, it turns out to be a bigger problem than just a noise issue.


Yu Ri decides to hold an information session for the residents of Pureun Apartments. But after hearing that the compensation won’t be much, most of them decide to give up on the lawsuit. However, a few of them come back to Yu Ri later to fight against Dohan Construction. Jung Ho ends up helping Yu Ri and the residents reluctantly.

4In The Name Of Family

Yu Ri finds Nurungi killed in the café, and Jung Ho comes to rescue her. The police start looking into the case, but they can’t find the culprit. A new client asks Yu Ri how she can deal with a guy who lives next door who’s been stalking her. Later, the stalker shows up at the café and tells a surprising story.

5Thoughts On The Legitimacy Of A Kiss

Yu Ri explains why she kissed Jung Ho and tells him that she likes him. Jung Ho is flustered by how easily she confesses her feelings but also quite bitter, thinking her feelings may not be as deep as his. A new client comes to the café and inquires about revoking the suspension of her indictment.


The president of Dohan Constructions, Lee Pyun Woong, visits Yu Ri, asking to scout her. Jung Ho warns him again never to mess with her. A client comes to the Law Café, asking for details about juvenile law. Eun Gang senses that something’s off with him, so he follows him out.

7Sin And Punishment

Eun-gang, Jung-ho, and Yu-ri decide to tell the truth about the arson case to the police. Instead of framing the bullies, Jung-ho reports them to the school violence control committee and corrects their wrongdoing. However, one of the bullies takes things too far and ends up kidnapping Jung-ho.

8There Are Islands Between People

After kissing Yu Ri, Jung Ho keeps avoiding her, thinking he made a mistake. Woo Jin and the members of the Law Café go to Jungpyeong Island where they provide free medical services and legal counselling. Yu Ri and Jung Ho meet two ladies who have had a dispute for quite a while, so they provide a solution for them.

9Lies, Lies, Lies

Yu Ri is summoned by Korean Bar Association for breaking the Attorney-at-law Act, but Jung Ho comes in to help. Jung Ho’s father, Chief Prosecutor Kim Seung Woon, gets questioned about his involvement with Dohan Group. Meanwhile, the ladies of Happy Mart come to Yu Ri to ask for her help on a fraud case.

10Brilliant Legacy

Yu Ri gets hospitalized after a car hits her. Jung Ho warns Pyung Woong not to mess with her again. Yu Ri learns from her mother that her late father wouldn’t want her to live in resentment for the rest of her life. So she decides to forgive Jung Ho. Meanwhile, Jung Ho’s mother, Yeon Ju, decides to live with Jung Ho for a while.

11It Was Only You From The Start

Yu Ri and Jung Ho come up with a plan to stop Pyun Woong from taking over Dohan Group. Jung Ho’s mother, Yeon Ju, steps in to help. One of Yu Ri’s clients, Hee Yeon, asks Yu Ri to help her solve the mysterious message that her father left behind. Yu Ri, Jung Ho, and the staff of Law Café roll up their sleeves to help her.

12Between Love And Horror

Yu Ri asks Jung Ho to keep their relationship a secret, and Jung Ho agrees to it, although he doesn’t understand why. Woo Jin’s old stalker comes back to give him a nightmare, and Yu Ri gets in danger because of the stalker. Meanwhile, Pyun Woong warns Jung Ho not to mess with him.

13Even If Life Deceives You

Song Hwa, who’s been working as an assemblyman’s secretary, confesses to Yu Ri that she’s been suffering from sexual harassment. Yu Ri offers to help, but Jung Ho isn’t too glad about it because it could hurt Yu Ri. It turns out Pyun Woong is involved with the assemblyman, so Jung Ho decides to step in and help both Yu Ri and Song Hwa.

14The Day Of Joy Will Surely Come

The recording of Assembly Choi harassing Song Hwa gets played in the event he was hosting. The media outlets hammer him, and the investigation against him starts. Jung Ho’s grandfather sets him up on a blind date without his knowledge, and it pushes him to propose to Yu Ri faster.

15Promise, To Pledge And Bind

Yu Ri turns down Jung Ho’s proposal, knowing that she cannot fully trust a promise made by anyone. Jung Ho tells her that she can take her time and that he will wait. Lee Pyun Woong runs away after threatening to kill his father. Then he goes on to kidnap Yu Ri’s mother to get revenge on Jung Ho and Yu Ri.