The Lørenskog Disappearance (2021)

51mCrime, Drama



What happened to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen? Where is she? Was she kidnapped by money launderers or is it her husband who may have made her disappear?


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1The Investigators

Forced to conduct a covert investigation into the vanishing, Jorunn Lakke must keep the case out of the media to avoid fatal consequences.

2The Journalists

Two journalists track down an estranged friend of Anne-Elisabeth and Tom, who recounts a complicated past and an unusual prenuptial agreement.

3The Lawyers

The Hagen family's legal team maneuvers an aggressive investigation and phony ransom calls as the police change their hypothesis.

4The Journalists: Part 2

The media's portrayal of the case gets criticized while alternative theories materialize online. A compelling witness gets taken in for questioning.

5The Informants

Police informants come out of the woodwork with damning claims against Anne-Elisabeth's husband. But can they be trusted?