The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019)

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Do Min-Ik trabalha como diretor da equipe de mídia móvel 1 da T&T. Ele é inteligente e excelente em seu trabalho. Sua secretária é Jung Gal-Hee. Do Min-Ik freqüentemente faz coisas infantis como chamar Jung Gal-Hee continuamente. Jung Gal-Hee executa as ordens de Do Min-Ik sem reclamações. Ela parece suave, mas esconde seu lado difícil.


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1One Moment of Patience May Ward off a Great Disaster

Gal-Hee is the hard-working secretary of director Do Min-Ik. After hearing the rumors that her boss replaces secretaries once every year, she goes out of her way to convince him to not fire her. Despite getting her hopes up, she receives the news that she is getting fired.

3What Happens When You Don't Recognize Your Parents?

Do Min-Ik finds himself struggling to recognize the faces of people around him, including the closest in his life. He seeks to find the answer to his illness but ultimately gets frustrated at the prospect of it being prolongated. However, there’s one person he does recognize.

5Hello, Stranger.

Gal-Hee starts her work as secretary of Do Min-Ik once again, but under better working conditions. Meanwhile, Min-Ik decides to call off the investigation regarding his attack. Min-Ik also decides to go on a blind date with the famed movie titan, Veronica Park.

7I wanted to draw a face, but I unconsciously drew a circle

Gal-Hee goes on the date with her boss, pretending to be Veronica Park. To Gal-Hee's surprise, Min-Ik is satisfied with the date. Veronica Park also meets Ki Dae-Joo as her date, whose motive is to hand her a filming proposal. Dae-Joo later asks approval from Min-Ik for his resignation.

9When Adam Opens His Eyes

A video of Do Min-Ik assumedly beating up his chauffeur spreads throughout the directorate and many members use it as a pretext to contest Do’s resignation. As Do Min-Ik continues to struggle, Gal-Hee tries to persuade him not to easily back down and strive for the CEO position.

11Eve's Confession

The stakeholders' general meeting opens, and Jung Gal-Hee and Do Min-Ik come up with a plan to reveal the abuse of power committed by other directors of the company. While up at the podium to make his case, Do Min-Ik suddenly recognizes faces of the people in the audience.

13When I First Saw You

Do Min-Ik reveals to his doctor that he was able to see faces during the general meeting. They assume that high blood pressure increases his chances of seeing faces He tries out physical activities and drinking alcohol to raise blood pressure, only to succeed later when he encounters Jung Gal-Hee.

15My premonition never goes wrong.

Jung Gal-Hee, impersonating Veronica Park, carries on with her plan to “break up” with Do Min-Ik. However, Do Min-Ik proposes that they go on a 12-hour date before they finally say goodbye. Jung Gal-Hee lands in tricky situations where she is noticed by others who do recognize her face.

17Your Face is...

When Gal-Hee returns home, she finds out that a burglar (Do Min-Ik’s chauffeur) intruded the house, in search of her laptop. Meanwhile, Do Min-Ik deals with his “breakup” with Veronica Park and while trying to get over it, he enjoys a home-cooked meal with Jung Gal-Hee.

19The Double Life of Veronica

After an encounter with Do Min-Ik, Veronica Park finds out that Jung Gal-Hee had been impersonating her in front of Do Min-Ik all this time. As punishment, Veronica Park asks Jung Gal-Hee to continue pretending to be her as she herself hopes to develop her relationship with Ki Dae-Joo.

21A Love Triangle Between Two

Do Min-Ik reveals to Ki Dae-Joo that he can’t decide between his feelings for his secretary and Veronica Park. Do Min-Ik continues to struggle with his divided feelings and eventually distances himself from Jung Gal-Hee and also decides to ask Veronica Park out.

23Because of Dishonesty

Veronica Park and Jung Gal-Hee get into a car accident, in which they break a neck and arm respectively. Do Min-Ik receives news that both are injured but eventually chooses to visit his secretary, having decided that she's the one who he truly loves.

25The Secret That Can't Be Told

As Yi Eul-Wang fears the police furthering their investigation regarding Do Min-Ik's chauffeur, she decides to disband her group, Euldoguk to provide security for the other members. Meanwhile, Veronica Park and Do Min-Ik's supposed breakup leaves the mothers disappointed.

27Secretary for One Day

As Do Min-Ik faces trouble at the directorate's meeting, Jung Gal-Hee calls up Ki Dae-Joo for help. Do Min-Ik reveals his illness to the board and as the number of votes goes against Do Min-Ik, Ki Dae-Joo shows up at the meeting to cast his vote for Min-Ik, effectively putting off the final CEO voting.

29For the Employee from the Boss

Jung Gal-Hee and Do Min-Ik take a day off work to spend some time together and go on a date, but Gal-Hee's siblings get in the way of their date plans. Eventually, they have no chance but to spend the night at the beach along with her siblings.