Bez vědomí (2019)


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In this spy thriller, Marie and her husband Victor return from exile to Czechoslovakia on the cusp of the Velvet Revolution — but when the couple gets in a car accident, Marie wakes up from a coma to find her husband mysteriously gone.


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Marie and Viktor return to Prague after 12 years in exile. But suddenly Viktor disappears in dramatic circumstances and Marie must find him in a Czechoslovakia that is far from being free - and with the spy agencies of several countries watching her every move.


Marie gives Gerald a second chance and meets the mysterious Alexandra - and learns more than she bargained for about her missing husband. Meanwhile Berg continues to investigate against Vlach's explicit order, while his girlfriend Miluska takes bigger risks than she should.


Marie enters the Soviet military zone on her own in search for clues to Viktor's whereabouts. Berg tracks down the car that hit Viktor and Marie, and confronts Vlach with the shocking truth about the photo taken at the orphanage.


In disguise Marie loses herself in the city, avoiding her pursuers as she closes in on the truth about what happened to her and her husband. Berg's resolve will be tested in the military zone; Gerald carries out his own investigations, while Susanne plans her revenge on him.


Marie wakes up in a psychiatric ward where she is effectively imprisoned. Gerald is desperate to resolve the situation with Viktor while Susanne hunts for them both. But November 1989 comes and goes, a new regime runs the country and Marie's dissident ex boyfriend Petr rises to power.


Czechoslovakia is free. Marie's ex boyfriend, Petr, has a stellar career ahead of him as he begins a relationship with Miluska. Susanne thinks she holds all the cards but other sinister forces are at work - and finally Marie must face the bitter truth about her husband.