The Third Charm (2018)

1hDorama, Drama

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The twelve-year love story of two individuals with completely opposite personalities who unexpectedly met on a group blind date.


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When he initially meets Lee Yeong-jae, On Jun-yeong only sees traits he dislikes in women. But he realizes that first impressions aren’t everything.


Jun-yeong lays out a meticulous plan for his date with Yeong-jae and later invites her to an event hosted by his department at school.


Still feeling hurt after seven years, Jun-yeong finds Yeong-jae’s nonchalant attitude maddening but life is more complicated than he’d surmised.


After a gap of seven years, day two of Yeong-jae and Jun-yeong’s relationship finally begins, but Jun-yeong finds that dating has its own challenges.


Jun-yeong uses his detective skills to investigate Yeong-jae’s attractive client. After a stressful day, Yeong-jae goes out with a new acquaintance.


Jun-yeong’s anxieties persist after the fashion show. Yeong-jae wonders why Jun-yeong hasn’t called on her birthday when Choe Ho-cheol stops by.


Yeong-jae and Jun-yeong deal with the consequences of their fights. The police station welcomes a new officer who shares some of Jun-yeong's quirks.


Yeong-jae takes offense at Jun-yeong’s reaction to her photo spread. Jun-yeong’s team tries to capture a dangerous criminal with Min Se-eun’s help.


Yeong-jae begins to feel uncertain about her relationship with Jun-yeong and seeks Ju-ran’s advice. Ho-cheol has something to say to Jun-yeong.


Yeong-jae knows how she feels about Jun-yeong, even while he grows more desperate. Ju-ran reluctantly goes to the movies with Su-jae.


Jun-yeong’s sudden decision upsets his parents, but he finds a new career path while traveling in Portugal, where he later runs into a familiar face.


Jun-yeong and Se-eun start thinking about the future, but he later learns through a chance meeting that Yeong-jae is facing big changes of her own.


Jun-yeong introduces Se-eun as his fiancée to Yeong-jae. Jun-yeong and Se-eun talk about returning to Lisbon. Ju-ran gets shocking news at the hospital.


Jun-yeong and Se-eun visit her hometown to meet her family, but they later end up having their first fight. Ju-ran asks Yeong-jae for a favor.


While their families get ready to meet one another, Se-eun deals with Jun-yeong’s confession. Yeong-jae assures Jun-yeong that she’ll be okay.