The World of the Married (2020)

1h 22mDorama, Drama

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A turbulent twister of lies, betrayals and revenge tears apart the seemingly picture-perfect marriage between a doctor and a filmmaker.


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Ji Seon-u's marital bliss shatters when she spots an unfamiliar strand of hair on Lee Tae-o's scarf. Suspicious, she tails him after work one day.

2The Anger Builds

After making a discovery that shakes her to the core, Seon-u is thrown into a dilemma. Yeo Da-gyeong's visit to her hospital worsens matters.

3Legal Advice

A piece of unexpected news sends Tae-o running to Da-gyeong. Taking advice from a divorce lawyer, Seon-u begins gathering important evidence.

4Red Lipstick

Min Hyeon-seo deals with the return of her boyfriend, who wants to cash in on her efforts. Son Je-hyeok puts forth a risky proposition to Seon-u.

5The Unexpected Dinner

While Tae-o tries to save his affair, Seon-u learns more of his secrets. They head to Da-gyeong's parents' home, where an uneasy dinner ensues.

6It’s All Your Fault

Seon-u and Tae-o's fight turns nasty as they battle over divorce papers and for custody of Lee Jun-yeong, who struggles to process their separation.

7I’m Back

Tae-o and Da-gyeong come back to town and throw an extravagant housewarming party. While everyone gossips about the couple, Seon-u grows anxious.

8I’m Not Running

Seon-u is spooked by a series of strange incidents at home. In addition, she finds out that Jun-yeong has been hiding something from her.

9How Much Do You Trust Your Husband?

Da-kyeong becomes wary of Tae-o's behavior. Before an important meeting with Yeo Byeong-gyu, Seon-u receives a panic-inciting package.

10The Runaway

A series of incriminating photos threatens Ko Ye-rim's marriage. Reeling from a betrayal, Seon-u seeks retaliation by paying Park In-gyu a visit.

11Do You Think I Pushed Him?

After Tae-o comes home in a questionable state, Da-gyeong snoops through his clothes. Hyeon-seo is convinced she knows the culprit's identity.

12Boarding School

When Tae-o is taken by police for questioning, Seon-u does what she thinks is right for her family. Da-gyeong urges Jun-yeong to make a choice.

13A Fight at School

Seon-u is in the midst of considering job openings outside the city when she gets word that Jun-yeong has been involved in a fight at school.

14Sun Woo Leaves Gosan

With both Jun-yeong and her job gone, Seon-u finds herself completely alone. When she goes missing, Kim Yun-gi and Tae-o rush to find her.

15Da Kyung’s Last Chance

Nearing the end of her rope, Da-gyeong demands the truth from Tae-o. Soon after, Seon-u shows her the upsetting reality of Tae-o's patterns.