Trapaça (2019)


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Leah Dale (Katherine Kelly) é uma professora universitária muito dedicado a sua profissão. Quando Rose Vaughan (Molly Windsor), uma de suas alunas, escreve um ensaio excepcionalmente bom, Leah começa a suspeitar de que a jovem copiou todo o trabalho. O caso de trapaça logo se transforma num relacionamento perigoso, desencadeando uma série de eventos trágicos que compromete a vida de ambas as mulheres.


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With relations becoming increasingly hostile, Leah resorts to more extreme measures to expose Rose, and as tensions flare between Leah and Adam, could it be that her husband is taking Rose’s side? Rose seems to pursue a more personal retaliation against Leah, but who is telling the truth?


As Leah deals with the fallout of Adam’s betrayal, some unexpected news further complicates matters. A distraction comes in the form of Michael and Angela’s anniversary party, but as Rose’s behaviour becomes progressively more volatile, the truth is finally exposed over the course of one explosive evening, with devastating consequences.


As the police try to piece together the sequence of events, both women come under the spotlight, but have they got the right one? As the investigation spirals, Leah realises she must come face to face with Rose one last time, but it may be too late.