Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história acompanha Mameda, uma tanuki (garota-guaxinim) que sonha em se tornar humana. Mameda decide ir para Osaka usando a forma de uma garota, mas é descoberta pela primeira pessoa que encontra, que diz sem piedade que ela deve voltar para sua vila. Porém, para sua surpresa, Bunko, a mulher que acabou de conhecer, na verdade também é uma criatura sobrenatural que toma a forma de uma interprete de rakugo (um estilo japonês de contar história). Mameda então pede para se tornar discípula da mulher, para que possa aprender a se transformar corretamente, começando assim a segui-la pelos diferentes lugares que Bunko se apresenta.


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1I’ll Become a Rakugoka!

Mameda has a big problem: tanuki can’t trick humans nowadays! But when she finds herself spellbound by Bunko’s rakugo, she may have found a solution to her predicament.

2Just Go Ahead and Try to Steal My Technique

Mameda may have decided that she’s Bunko’s apprentice, but the rakugoka has a completely different opinion about the matter!

3Watch Carefully

There’s more to rakugo than just storytelling. If Mameda wants to commit, she’ll have to learn more about humans and teamwork first!

4It’s the Mistakes You See, Not the Ones You Don’t

Despite all the warnings, Memeda rushes to save Shirara, her first human friend, after the girl is abducted.

5Mejiro, Hamachi, Buri

Koito knew Mameda was a tanuki all along!

6The Audience Is Food!

Mameda’s first performance will be at the Tenjin Festival and she can’t wait to show the results of her training! Too bad she’s also developed performance anxiety.

7You’ll Stumble Again and Again With the First Step

The Tenjin Festival is here, but the weather takes a turn for the worse when Lord Tenjin arrives. Now, Mameda must find the deity before the humans cancel the festivities!

8Nobody in Their Right Mind Becomes a Performer

Shirara finally reunites with her master, but he’s in trouble due to all the debts he owes. Mameda promises to shoulder his debts, but she has no way of repaying them…

9There’s No Point If It Isn’t Master

Bunko promised not to take on an apprentice. When the Four Heavenly Kings force the issue, Bunko has no choice but to expel Mameda from her employ.

10Why Not Me?

Mameda faces Enshi Kirino, the perfect storyteller. If Mameda wants to pass this trial, she must perform a tale in exactly ten minutes and fifteen seconds. Without mistakes!

11Let My Art End With You

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12There’s No Point to You Being Interesting

Mameda cannot accept what Utaroku told her and chases him all the way to the red-light district.

13You Taught Me Everything, Master

Mameda becomes a pawn in a much larger scheme when the police accuse her of theft.