Ueno-san wa Bukiyou (2019)

12mAnimação, Comédia

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Ueno-san, que está em seu terceiro ano do ensino médio, está apaixonada pelo conceito de se apaixonar. Ela faz pleno uso de suas invenções e tenta mostrá-lo a Tanaka, seu kouhai do clube de ciência.


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1Rocker-kun / Kumatander No. 2

Tanaka is very oblivious when it comes to love. That said, Ueno methods can safely be described as extremely unconventional.

2Dash-tan / 1-7-6 Protective Gear

Testing Ueno's latest invention requires smelly clothes. Later, her new protective gear is foolproof! But maybe only in theory...

3The Kilt Hide / Garakutan

Kitanaga asks Ueno for something to censor prying eyes. Later, Ueno offers Tanaka some more water. He has suspicions this time...

4Ueno No. 13 / The SummonStat

Can Tanaka tell the difference between Ueno and a robot? Later, Ueno uses her scientific prowess to create life!

5The P-Specter / The PE Reserver

Ueno investigates mysterious rumors as a ploy to bond with Tanaka. Later, a revolutionary water filtration system involves super absorbent gym clothes.

6II Umbrella / E-Q Booster

Why suffer the inconvenience of using umbrellas when superior anti-gravitational fields can do the job better? Later, a belt promises to give Ueno an edge in a sumo match.

7Panty Roti / The Gatcha-Porter

Is Tanaka so hungry he'd be willing to eat anything? Afterwards, this toy capsule vending machine dispenses unconventional items.

8Coitsu Nate Luna D / Pero-Lilion

Will the truth finally come out thanks to a sleeping pill? Later, Tanaka's sisters stop by for a visit!

9JigaTights / SQ-Water

Can Ueno use tights to charge a cell phone? She seems to have found a way! She also has an idea regarding a new use for swimsuits.

10Kanchikan / Repara-te

A cute accessory is actually an alarm system in disguise. Sometime later, Ueno's next creation unexpectedly leads to inquiries regarding leg hair.

11Invisi-Bloomer / The Rear-Skirt

Chairs are now obsolete forever! That is if Ueno would only consider the practical applications of her invention. Later on, the Tennis Club needs Ueno's help.

12GAN-Q / Ballet-tan

Tanaka, you really need to stop and think about what comes out of your mouth. Later, Ueno creates a device that shares sensory experiences? ...It's gonna backfire, isn't it?