Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (2018)

24mAnimação, Comédia

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A história do anime baseia se na história do jogo da serie, desenrola-se à volta de Uma Musume (meninas cavalo) que têm uma excelente capacidade para correr e que têm como objetivo tornarem-se idols e competirem no programa “Twinkle Series”.


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1Tokai Teio

All eyes are on Tokai Teio as she takes on the Japanese Derby, ready to gallop in Symboli Rudolf's footsteps and become an undefeated Triple Crown Horse Girl. The stands are full. The track is set. It's time to see which horse girl fortune favors!

1Gate of Dreams!

Special Week wants to become Japan's best horse girl and has transferred into Tracen Academy. She sees her first race, and has her heart stolen by Silence Suzuka. She tries to join the same team, but...

2Never Gonna Give It Up!

The Japanese Derby is over, and Tokai Teio's injuries have landed her in rehabilitation. She's determined to recover by the Kikkashou, the last race she needs for the Triple Crown. Meanwhile Nice Nature throws herself into training with the rest of Team Canopus, determined to claim victory at the Kikkashou herself.

2The Debut Race Out of Nowhere

Special Week is told she has only a week to prepare for her debut race. Symboli Rudolf, the student council president, and Silence Suzuka try to help her prepare, but she's rather nervous..

3First Big Win

Special Week has completed her debut race, and has become the center of attention among her classmates. She starts to train with the other members of Spica, but the Trainer has a suggestion to help make her the best horse girl in Japan.

4Special Training!

Special Week begins training with Spica in order to raise her chances in the Japan Derby. The Trainer has an idea for Special Week that could help her out.

5The Derby With Rivals

Special Week starts training even harder to prepare for the Japanese Derby. Her rivals, El Condor Pasa and Seiun Sky, are training hard, as well. Suzuka also tries to help Special Week get even stronger.

6Autumn Skies and Horse Girls

Team Spica has more members, and now they're enjoying the Fall Twinkle Series Fan Appreciation Fair. Special Week has gotten quite close to Silence Suzuka, and plan to go around the fair together, but Silence Suzuka makes a surprising announcement...


Team Spica is training to take down Rigil. Special Week realizes she really wants to race with Silence Suzuka, and decides to talk to the Trainer about it...

8For You

Silence Suzuka and Special Week start working hard with Team Spica in order to keep their promises to one another. Rigil is still doing very well in their races, while Grass Wonder looks forward to her race with Special Week.

9Dreams of Spica

The Trainer plans a summer training camp for the members of Spica to help get them get in even better shape. He sees Special Week and Silence Suzuka worrying too much about each other, and makes a plan to help them move forward.

10No Matter How Many Times I Lose

Special Week is working hard to keep her promise, but the Trainer wants her to rest instead, and has her go back home temporarily. The other members of Spica also work towards their goals.

11Welcome Back!

The Open Special is overflowing with spectators, and everyone has their eye on the turf, waiting for one horse girl to make her return after about a year.

12Stage of Dreams

It’s the second day of a special weekend for Team Spica. Special Week has to carry the dreams of her trainer and herself. The expectations of her rivals, teammates and her mother. It’s finally time for the greatest race in Japan to begin.

13Echo, Fanfare!

Eighteen horse girls will compete in the Winter Dream Trophy, giving hopes and dreams to their fans. It’s a dream come true, and the Trainer will see everything in all its wonder.