Unidade 42 (2017)

50mCrime, Mistério, Drama



O policial responsável por uma unidade especial de crimes digitais se une a uma ex-hacker na perseguição a criminosos cibernéticos que aterrorizam a Bélgica.


  • Backdrops 2
  • Posters 5


1Face to Face

On his first day back from leave, widowed cop Sam is called to the scene of a young woman's murder, where he clashes with rookie tech whiz Billie.

2Of Faith and Law

A graphic assassination video posted online leads the team to a network of ISIS recruiters in a case that strikes a nerve for Nassim.


When a hidden camera in the woods captures the slaying of a hacker known for exposing corruption, Billie tries to conceal her link to the victim.

4Blood and Virtue

While investigating an unsettling murder at an apartment used by S&M aficionados, Sam becomes obsessed with daughter Emmy's new boyfriend.

5Random Access Memory

When two well-known drug traffickers turn up dead, all the evidence points to Bob. But Sam refuses to believe his colleague is a killer.

6Effective Vote

The kidnapping of an industrial tycoon leads to disturbing revelations about his company -- and an online "trial" to decide his fate.


After a scientist is found dead in her self-driving car, Billie and Sam head to her nanotech lab and discover she was no stranger to controversy.

8An Eye for an Eye

Sam and team search for a link between two very different murder victims who bear the same signs of torture. What they find leaves them shaken.

9Standby Mode

The simultaneous death of three heart patients who share the same implant spurs a hunt for a medical hacker and puts someone close to the team on edge.


After a drone attack on a power plant plunges the city into darkness, Billie and Sam discover it's just the first step in an alarming master plan.