Urara Meirochou (2017)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Esta é Meiro-machi (Cidade Labir), a cidade da adivinhação. Nela, existe uma casa de adivinhação chamada Urara, onde garotas que aspiram se tornar adivinhas, chegam de todo o país. Chiya, que foi criada nas montanhas, veio para a cidade com um propósito, mas qual seria ele exatamente? Lá ela conhece Kon, que está sempre séria, Koume, que ama todas as coisas ocidentais, e a tímida Nono. Dias divertidos por estarem juntas como aprendizes de adivinhas estão prestes a começar.


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1The Fortune-Teller Girl Sometimes Shows Her Stomach

Chiya goes to Meirocho after receiving a letter. Meanwhile, she gets into trouble meeting some new friends along the way.

2The Things We Search for and Our Dreams Are Sometimes Sweet!

Chiya searches for her mother, but there are certain obstacles standing in her way. Meanwhile, Nono and Kon share stories about their mothers.

3Our Friends and Colleagues Are Sometimes Rivals!

Kon ends up breaking an item, and now the girls must work off their debt to Benten if they ever want to get out.

4Good and Bad Things Are Sometimes Ticklish

The girls learn about omens, and mole divination. Afterwards, they start to see more of the bad omens than anything else.

5Brides and Gods Sometimes Sneeze

The White Kimono Festival is underway and the girls are learning about the different traditions. Meanwhile, Chiya has an unexpected visitor.

6Love and Pursuit Sometimes Go 'Good Girl, Good Girl!'

Romance is in the air. The girls decide to try to find Nina's soulmate and do some kokkuri divining, which goes terribly wrong.

7Invocations and Witches Sometimes Have to Be Ready

The girls have to memorize an obscene number of invocations to pass their next test. Will they find a trick to memorizing them? Or will they break under the pressure?

8Forbidden Things Are Sometimes Totally Naked

The girls finally take a vacation after all that studying! Meanwhile, Kon and Chiya try a dangerous divining technique.

9Mothers and Knowledge Are Sometimes for You!

Things start to get a little intense when the girls start to divine for things they shouldn't. Kon seems troubled.

10Four Girls and the Ranking Exam Are Sometimes a Trial

The girls must take their first rank advancement exam! In their search for the exam key, Chiya’s past catches up with her.

11Chiya and the Dark Sometimes Cry

Chiya gets kidnapped by strange creatures and learns important information about her mother. Meanwhile, another creature takes interest in her.

12Baths and Celebrations Sometimes Have Smiles

After passing their exams, the whole gang heads off to the hot springs where they solidify their friendship.