Urasekai Picnic (2021)

24mAnimação, Mistério, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



A história se passa em um mundo onde portais se abrem e levam as pessoas para uma dimensão onde lendas urbanas e história da internet se tornam realidade. O enredo gira em torno de Sorawo Kamikoshi, uma estudante que quase morreu em um desses portais, e Toriko Nishina, a responsável por salvar Sorawo que, aparentemente, carrega algum segredo importante em seu passado.


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1Wiggle-Waggle Hunting

Sorawo meets Toriko and adventures ensue amid conflicting emotions. Toriko figures out how they can make some money, but will the risks be worth the rewards?

2Surviving Lady Hasshaku

Sorawo and Toriko meet with an Otherside expert before heading back to the Otherside, where they come across a man looking for his wife. Toriko finds common cause with him because she, too, is seeking someone dear to her. But who is it that Sorawo seeks?

3Big-Head Village

Sorawo can’t resist joining Toriko on the Otherside again. There, they set off to find a house Satsuki remembers visiting. As Sorawo gets to know Toriko and the Otherside better, she realizes how perilous relationships and adventures can be.

4Space, Time, and a Middle-Aged Man

Sorawo and Toriko hit a rough patch, and Sorawo teams up with Kozakura. Kozakura explains why Toriko is the way she is, and Sorawo reveals new details about her own past. The Otherside will test friendships like never before.

5Station February

An evening at Sorawo and Toriko’s favorite café takes a strange turn. On the Otherside, they have yet another unexpected encounter. Will this be the trip from which there is no return?

6The Meat Train

Sorawo and Toriko meet Lieutenant Drake’s superior officer and learn more about what the soldiers have experienced on the Otherside. Back in our world, Kozakura continues to receive creepy calls. Will Sorawo and Toriko ever find their ticket home?

7Resort Night at the World’s Edge

A half-remembered night out, and the morning after. Beer, swimsuits, fun, sun, and guns. It’s just two girls on a resort vacation until a taxi ride takes a strange turn. Sorawo and Toriko will have to pull some magic out of a hat to escape this one.

8Attack of the Ninja Cats

A request for help by a fellow university student leads to a hair-raising adventure. Will our heroines triumph once more, or are they headed for a complete cat-astrophe?

9Mrs. Sannuki and Karateka

Akari enlists Sorawo and Toriko to help a friend when the Otherside comes a knocking once more. Shocking new details about Satsuki emerge, and Toriko seems fixated on a certain aspect of Sorawo’s appearance.

10How to Get to the Barbecue Restaurant by Elevator

A planned celebration at a Japanese barbecue restaurant takes an unexpected detour. Akari gets lost, and Kozakura must face her fears. Once again, it’s up to Sorawo and Toriko to save the day.

11Operation Rescue U.S. Forces

Sorawo and Toriko are determined to rescue the U.S. forces stranded on the Otherside, but finding a way back to Kisaragi Station is no easy matter. Even if they find a way, will they rescue Lieutenant Drake and company and make it back alive?

12Sorawo and Toriko

Sorawo and Toriko’s rescue operation continues on the Otherside, and Kozakura freaks out about something too close to home. The AP-1 finally gets some road time, and Sorawo and Toriko open up a little more to each other.