Vida Perfeita (2019)

25mDrama, Comédia

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María, Cris e Esther são três mulheres muito diferentes com mais 30 anos de idade. Elas se veem como as pessoas adultas que continuarão sendo pelo resto de suas vidas, mas não poderiam estar mais equivocadas.


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1When you don’t let yourself go (Cuando no te dejas llevar)

When she’s suddenly dumped by her long-term boyfriend for being too rigid, María enlists her sister Esther to help her let loose, while their best friend Cristina faces a difficult crossroads of her own.

2When nothing is what it seems (Cuando nada es lo que parece)

Rattled to learn that Gari has a disability, María attempts to talk to him and open her mind, while Cris struggles to reignite her marriage’s dwindling flame.

3When you take an unexpected path (Cuando tomas un camino inesperado)

María and Gari weigh the risks of having a baby together. Meanwhile, Esther’s social media presence flails, and Cris plays with fire on a dating site.

4When you confess to your parents (Cuando te confiesas con tus padres)

María attempts to open up to her parents about her pregnancy - but ends up forcing Gari to open up to her instead. Meanwhile, Esther realizes her career and personal growth are stunted.

5When you want to, but you can’t (Cuando quieres y no puedes)

María looks to quench an uncontrollable libido. Esther reaches a career low. Cris turns to strangers to fill the void left by Pablo.

6When you don’t want to be alone (Cuando no quieres estar sola)

At their 15-year high school reunion, María and Cris contemplate how far they’ve strayed from the lives they once envisioned for themselves.

7When everything falls apart (Cuando todo se derrumba)

While Esther hits rock bottom on her 40th birthday, María tries to get Gari comfortable with Gustavo, and Cris lets her guard down at home.

8When you let yourself go (Cuando te dejas llevar)

María’s wedding day is full of surprises that give her, Esther, and Cris some overdue clarity on what they want out of life.