Vila Moleza (2004)

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O Personagem principal e Stephanie, que chega à Cidade e convida seus novos Amigos Ziggy, Trixie, Stingy e Pixel ir para fora, ao invés de ficar jogando videogames o dia inteiro. Seu tio, o desastrado prefeito Milford Meanswell, pede a ajuda de Sportacus 10, um auto-intitulado "acima da média ligeiramente Herói". É o trabalho de Sportacus para inspirar as crianças a jogar fora, e para ajudar a resolver emergências low-key, que ocorrem de tempos em tempos. No entanto, tudo isto não se coaduna com Robbie Rotten (Stefan Karl Stefánsson), um homem preguiçoso que vive em uma toca subterrânea escondida apenas na periferia da cidade.


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1Welcome to LazyTown

When Stephanie arrives in LazyTown, to spend the summer with her Uncle Milford, she finds that she has trouble making friends because all the local kids spend all their time indoors playing video games. So, her uncle enlists the help of Sportacus, an athletic hero who encourages the kids to have fun by remaining active. Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with Robbie Rotten, a lazy cheat, who takes pride in having LazyTown be the laziest town around, so he plots to get rid of Sportacus.

1Let's Go to the Moon

The kids are playing an astronaut's game, which inspires Robbie to move to the moon in order to get away from Sportacus and the noisy kids.


Robbie orders a robot which out-hero's Sportacus, so the kids will follow its lazy advice rather than Sportacus'.

1Sports Candy Festival

Robbie attempts to scare the children of LazyTown into only eating candy by disguising himself as giant fruits and vegetables.


Sportacus tries on a new pair of shoes, unaware that they are actually radio-controlled boots that Robbie will use to ruin Sportacus' athletic skills during Spectacular Sports Day.

2The Last Sports Candy

Robbie decides to go back in time to stop Johnny SportsCandyseed from planting the first SportsCandy tree.

2The Greatest Gift

It's Ziggy's birthday, so Stephanie organizes a surprise party for him, but Stingy doesn't want to go because he forgot to buy a gift for Ziggy.

2Dancing Duel

Stephanie decides to enter a dance contest. Meanwhile, Robbie finds a way to supersize a dancing figurine to win the contest.

3Sports Day

The kids must face Robbie Rotten in a sports competition without the help of Sportacus after the villain causes the athletic hero to suffer a Sugar Meltdown brought on by a candy apple.

3Secret Friend Day

When the kids play a Secret Friend game, a misunderstanding makes Trixie lose trust in Stephanie and leave town.

3Little Pink Riding Hood

Stephanie wants to give Sportacus a surprise present, but Robbie wants it, too. He decides to trick Sportacus, so he can get the present and keep it for himself.

3Ziggy's Alien

A lonely Ziggy makes friends with an alien named Zobbie, who's really Robbie Rotten creating chaos and mischief for the folks in LazyTown.

4Crystal Caper

Sportacus loses his Crystal and offers a reward of one free wish to whoever finds it and returns it. Robbie sees this as the opportunity to get the free wish and use it to wish Sportacus out of LazyTown.

4New Kid in Town

Pinocchio shows up in LazyTown to help Robbie lie to the kids, convincing them to eat sugar gooey lollipops.

4The Scavenger Hunt

The kids join Mayor's scout group and go on a Scavenger Hunt, but Robbie dresses as a Scout Master and replaces the treasures with unhealthy food.

5Sleepless in LazyTown

Robbie discovers that plenty of sleep gives people much needed energy, so he plots to rob Sportacus of his precious sleep so that he'll become weak and lose an upcoming baseball game.

5Time to Learn

It's the last day of school, and the kids are excited to finish the big final exam, but Robbie has his own plans and gets Stephanie in trouble.

5Who's Who?

Robbie creates a robot clone of Stephanie, which says horrible things about the LazyTowners.

5Rockin' Robbie

Robbie Rotten pretends to be the Mayor’s favorite rock and roll singer, Johnny B. Badd, so he can demand that Sportacus leave town.

6Swiped Sweets

Bessie's birthday cake turns up missing, and Robbie tricks everyone into believing that Sportacus stole it. The accusations land Sportacus in jail, so the kids get together to prove that he's innocent.

6Princess Stephanie

Robbie discovers that to make LazyTown lazy again, he needs to get rid of Stephanie, who wants to be a real princess.

6The Purple Panther (1)

A new museum opens in LazyTown, and the kids donate their valuables, where Stingy asks Sportacus to donate his crystal.

6Little Sportacus

When Robbie realizes that Sportacus started learning all of his hero skills when he was a boy, he turns Sportacus into a 10-year-old.

7Hero for a Day

Ziggy tries to be a hero just like Sportacus, but his antics start getting him in trouble when he messes up the construction of the kids' new clubhouse.

7Ziggy's Talking Teddy

Robbie impersonates Bobby Bird in a phone call and challenges Ziggy to a game of basketball.

7The Purple Panther (2)

A suspicious inspector arrives after a valuable crystal is stolen from the museum.

7Trash Trouble

Stingy is tired of the mess in LazyTown and tries to get them to clean up all the garbage. But the kids aren't interested, and their mess continues to grow. Robbie overhears this and realizes that if he makes a huge mess in LazyTown, the kids won't be able to play any more.


The kids are compelled to do whatever Robbie says and not question him when he disguises himself as Sportacus and gets them to act lazy.

8The Wizard of LazyTown

Robbie disguises himself as a wizard while Stephanie and the mayor are away and makes a potion to make all the kids lazy.

8The Blue Knight

While preparing for LazyTown's medieval festival, Mayor Meanswell tells the children the story of the famous Blue Knight and his rival, the Purple Knight.

8Double Trouble

When Mayor Meanswell goes away for the day to catch butterflies, Robbie decides to impersonate him and starts changing LazyTown’s rules – no more sports candy, and Sportacus must leave town forever!

9Happy Brush Day

Ziggy tosses out a toothbrush, a birthday gift from Sportacus, in favor of a taffy machine from Robbie Rotten. Soon, Ziggy is unable to stop the gadget when it begins to get out of control and covers LazyTown in taffy.

9The Baby Troll

Ziggy wants a baby troll after hearing a bedtime story about one, so the kids venture into the mountains and find a troll called LuLu.

9The First Day of Summer

It is the first day of Summer, and everyone heads to the beach, but Robbie wishes that everyone would leave town, so he could be on his own.

9Haunted Castle

The Mayor warns the kids to stay away from an old, unsafe castle, but Trixie ignores the warning and convinces the kids to join her inside, where Robbie poses as a ghost to scare them into not playing any more.

10Lazy Scouts

The kids join the Lazy Scouts, led by Scoutmaster Robbie, who promises to teach them the easy and lazy way to go camping. This doesn't sit well with Stephanie, especially when she discovers that the kids are ill-prepared for an oncoming storm.

10Fortune Teller

Ziggy and Stingy put on a puppet show about a fortune-teller, but Robbie wants to use the opportunity to make them think there will be no more Sportacus.

10The LazyCup

The LazyCup soccer tournament is taking place in LazyTown, and the winner gets a golden trophy and a wish. Everything is on the line when the kids compete in a soccer match against Robbie team, the Soccerbots.

10The LazyTown Snow Monster

The Mayor has informed the kids that they can play outside, but they must read and pay attention to the signs – such as the one telling them to be cautious on the frozen lake. Robbie disguises himself as a snow monster in order to frighten the kids and stop them from playing outside in the snow.

11Dr. Rottenstein

Robbie causes panic in LazyTown when he disguises himself as Dr. Rottenstein and makes everyone believe that vegetables are at the root of a new disease.

11Ghost Stoppers

Trixie acts as a ghost at school and scares Ziggy, so Robbie decides to disguise himself as a ghost to scare the kids out of school.

11Chef Rottenfood

World-famous Mediterranean chef Pablo Fantastico is coming to LazyTown to show everyone his healthy recipes, but Robbie wants to put a stop to this, so he disguises himself as Pablo Fantastico and gets rid of the real one.

11The LazyTown Circus

The kids decide to create a circus in LazyTown. Robbie quickly formulates a scheme to blast Sportacus out of a cannon and out of LazyTown.


Robbie tricks the kids into going on a treasure hunt for the LazyTown Stone and then tries to steal it from them until Sportacus arrives to stop Robbie, much like a mysterious hero once stopped the famed Rottenbeard.

12Robbie's Dream Team

Sportacus is always on the move and getting LazyTown active, but Robbie's biggest dream is to make LazyTown lazy again, so he decides to order villains to help him catch Sportacus.

12Breakfast At Stephanie's

Pixel invents a new helmet that can turn people invisible. When Robbie gets his hands on it, he plots to get the mayor in trouble and use the helmet to keep Sportacus from rescuing the mayor.

12Friends Forever

A competition is created in LazyTown where whoever wins gets a ticket to Sportacus' airship, but Robbie steals the ticket and attempts to let the air out of the ship.

13Cry Dinosaur

Stephanie and Stingy campout with a scared Ziggy who thinks he's seeing a dinosaur roaming about.

13Mystery of the Pyramid

Robbie orders an Egyptian Pyramid with the hope of trapping Sportacus inside.

13The Holiday Spirit

It's Christmas in LazyTown, and the kids are very excited to receive their presents. When Santa arrives empty-handed, the kids go searching for the missing presents.

13Pixel TV

Pixel has created LazyTown TV, a new TV station for the inhabitants of LazyTown to show off their talents.

14My Treehouse

The kids enter a treehouse building contest, but find it difficult working with Stingy because he doesn't know how to work as a team.

14School Scam

As Stephanie and the others go to school, Robbie comes up with a plan to prevent the kids from learning, disguising himself as a teacher, and not teaching them lessons.

15The Laziest Town

The kids attempt to raise the Energy Meter in order to avoid being named the Laziest Town.

15Energy Book

Sportacus gives each of the children an energy book and stickers to help them keep track of their daily habits, including exercising, brushing their teeth. Robbie attempts to distract them from using the stickers by appealing to each of their own character traits.

16Dear Diary

A missing page from Stephanie's diary causes trouble amongst the kids.

16Birthday Surprise!

The town's residents have a disagreement on where Sportacus's birthday celebration should be held, while Robbie uses this to his advantage and builds a giant wall separating the town.

17Zap It!

Pixel invents a machine that makes things vanish, and Robbie tries to get his hands on it so that he can get rid of Sportacus.

17LazyTown Goes Digital

Mayor Meanswell plans to modernize the town, and Robbie uses this perfect opportunity to disguise himself as a technician to keep the kids busy and lazy with the new technology.

18The Lazy Rockets

The Mayor runs a race called the LazyTown Derby. Stephanie, Stingy and Ziggy build race cars, but Robbie cheats by getting himself a rocket powered car.

18Record's Day

Everyone in town is busy trying to set new world's records, with Robbie trying to make LazyTown the World's Laziest Town.

19Prince Stingy

Robbie fools Stingy into thinking that he's the Prince of LazyTown which soon gets him into trouble.


Pixel designs a LazyTown website about the town's residents, but neglects to include Robbie.

21Play Day

The kids celebrate a day devoted to playing games.

22Remote Control

Pixel creates a remote that controls everything.

23Sportacus Who?

Robbie uses a device to erase Sportacus' memory.

24Soccer Sucker

Robbie uses a soccer-playing robot to play against Sportacus in a game.

25Miss Roberta

The kids learn to misbehave from Robbie when he disguises himself as a manners expert named Miss Roberta.

26LazyTown's New Superhero

Sportacus takes a vacation and leaves LazyTown in the hands of his good friend Stephanie. As SportaStephanie, she faces her first big challenge when Robbie unleashes a hero-hating machine called Robo-Dog.

27Secret Agent Zero

Sportacus and the kids help Mayor Meanswell become a secret agent so that he can find out how Robbie Rotten won a race to become mayor of LazyTown.

28LazyTown's Greatest Hits

Stephanie and Ziggy go around LazyTown asking everyone what are their favorite LazyTown songs.

29LazyTown's Surprise Santa

It's the Christmas season in LazyTown, and everyone's getting ready for a holiday party. Robbie Rotten soon spots this, but declares that he wouldn't go even if he was invited. He hatches a plan to dress up as Santa Claus and spoil everyone's holiday fun. Meanwhile, Stingy is having trouble understanding the spirit of Christmas. He just loves the gift-getting, but can't quite seem to get into the gift-giving.

30Robbie's Greatest Misses

Mayor Meanswell is once again getting ready to present the Person of the Year trophy to Sportacus, but can't seem to keep it a secret that Sportacus is the winner. When he hears that Sportacus is winning again, Robbie decides to put a stop to it. Considering the past failures of his evil plans, he decides to hit Sportacus with several of his past failures, hoping that they'll combine into a success.

31Sports Candy Festival

The kids decide to grow fruits and vegetables for a Sports Candy Festival for Sportacus. However, Robbie wants them to stop eating healthy foods and ruin the festival, so he disguises himself as life-size fruits and vegetables, hoping to scare the kids and stop the festivities.

32Dancing Duel

A dance competition is underway in LazyTown. Robbie believes that if Stephanie wins, LazyTown will become too active, so he creates a clockwork dancing girl to compete against her.

33Ziggy's Alien

Robbie poses as an alien named Zobby and befriends Ziggy, so the other kids decide to blast Zobby home to his own planet in a rocket.

34Sportacus on the Move!

A day in the life of Sportacus as he goes about his daily routine as a superhero, performing incredible stunts and saving all the residents of LazyTown including Robbie.