Visual Prison (2021)

24mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história começa quando Ange Yuki, um jovem solitário e sem família, decide viajar até Harajuku para assistir o show de um de seus artistas favoritos, mas chegando lá se depara com uma batalha musical entre o grupo Eclipse e Lost Eden.


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1Guilty Cross

Ange Yuki is in love with the voice of Guiltia Brion and the band ECLIPSE. One day, he finds a pair performing under the same name. Another band called LOST EDEN appears before him and he realizes that something is wrong with his body...

2Charme's Metempsychosis

Ange learns about the secrets of the vampire world from Eve and Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks Ange about her parents, as he is a dhampir, but Ange doesn't know who her parents are.

3AI = ZO

Ange finds a human boy named Robin and ends up taking him back home, only to see him immediately shooed away by Guiltia. Robin is apparently looking for someone and that person is quite unexpected.


Robin prepares a welcome party for himself and to cheer Ange up too. Both discover a secret about Eve.

5Wing with wind

Members who are enthusiastic about participating in Visual Prison after Eve joins O ★ Z. Gil keeps closing his heart while guiding them. To such Gil, Anju appeals for a connection with music. Gil's spectacular past is revealed so that it may be tied to Anju's innocence.

6Shangri-La of Cruelty

O ★ Z became four people on a sunny day with the addition of Gil. The first live concert will be held at Astro Garden by ECLIPSE. Gil has a warlike smile after receiving a declaration of war from LOS † EDEN while he is engaged in promotional activities. The countdown to the stage battle begins--!

7My Principal

A mist who spends his busy days preparing for a guerrilla live for the whole world in order to fulfill the saga's ambitions. Meanwhile, Anju decided to do a short-term part-time job under LOS † EDEN for some reason. Mist gets involved with Anju while having mixed feelings.

8Galaxy Tiara

O ★ Z, who came to a hotel dedicated to vampires for a recording camp, encounters LOS † EDEN and ECLIPSE. While each of them spends a fulfilling time, the appearance of the legendary Vampire Carmilla causes unprecedented turmoil in the summer resort.

9Royal Crown

After returning to Azumino to think about the meaning of living eternity as a vampire, Anju decides to spend the Obon festival with ECLIPSE, who has been half-forced. Following the instructions of my late grandmother, I opened the drawer containing the relics of my parents, and there was a shocking truth hidden in it.

10K or K

After returning to Harajuku, Anju tells Gil about his determination to become a vampire. However, Gil's body had already reached its limit due to the punishment of the Red Moon. Seeing his end, Gil puts his fangs on Anju's nape. At that moment, Gil's memory flows into Anju--


Gill is in a coma and O ★ Z is pushed down to the edge of despair. The saga was also full of her feelings for Gil. A long time ago, she longed for Gil, who she met in London, and chased after Harajuk. She can't accept Yutaka's death, and she screams at Gil, who can't sing--


The day of the Visual Prison main festival. ECLIPSE that shows the performance of the absolute champion, LOS † EDEN that competes with destructive power that overwhelms everything, and O ★ Z that connects feelings with the power of music. Vampires make Harajuku sing a miracle song while various speculations swirl.