Waffles + Mochi (2021)


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Os fantoches Waffles e Mochi viajam pelo mundo para descobrir culturas e comidas deliciosas, aprendendo como usar ingredientes saudáveis.


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Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? To find out, Waffles and Mochi try pasta with tomato "candy," yummy pizza and a cold soup called gazpacho.


Salt can make our taste buds sing — but too much of it on top of Mrs. O's favorite cookies is a terrible thing! Turns out a little bit goes a long way.


With potato sales plummeting at the market, Waffles and Mochi take to the skies to learn about spuds and the delicious things you can do with them.


Waffles dropped the store's last jar of pickles and needs to replace them... fast! But pickling is a process that, like all good things, takes time.


Waffles helps Mochi trace his family tree to find out where he came from, only to discover a surprising ancestor — rice — with a fascinating history.


Mrs. O sends Waffles and Mochi on an epic hunt around the world to find four different kinds of eggs for her friend, a famous chef. Time to get cracking!

7Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices are flying off the shelves at the supermarket — but so is all the color! Can Waffles and Mochi fix it before Mrs. O finds out?


A cooking contest challenges Waffles and Mochi to make the tastiest corn dish they can. But to win, they'll need to do some serious research.


Waffles and Mochi face their fears on a mission to find more mushrooms for the store by talking to experts who are putting the "fun" in fungi.


A special dinner to say thank you to all the friends they've made sends Waffles and Mochi in search of water — the world's most important ingredient.