Was It Love? (2020)

1h 10mComédia, Drama

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Quatro homens muito diferentes surgem na vida de uma mãe solo. É hora de redescobrir o amor – e a si mesma.


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Noh Ae-jeong juggles motherhood with her dreams of producing films. One day, her boss disappears — and leaves behind a giant mess for her to solve.


When someone Ae-jeong hasn't seen for 14 years turns up at her meeting with Cheon Eok-man, she realizes convincing him to work with her won't be easy.


Learning about Ae-jeong's dire situation throws Oh Dae-o into a dilemma. Meanwhile, Noh Ha-nee has questions for the new tenant in her house.


After reaching an agreement, Ae-jeong and Dae-o turn their attention to casting a lead actor. Ha-nee identifies another man who could be her father.


Ryu Jin shocks his agency when he turns down the opportunity of a lifetime. Ae-jeong takes on her next mission: getting a top actress for the film.


Oh Yeon-woo gives Ae-jeong a letter he's kept for years. Joo A-rin is excited to meet with Dae-o, but is let down when she sees who's with him.


While dealing with a newly strained relationship with Ae-jeong, Dae-o runs into Ha-nee on the street. Koo Pa-do shows up to a PTA meeting at school.


While a fissure forms in Dae-o and Jin's friendship, Ae-jeong worries about her daughter's recent interests. A-rin begins to see what's going on.


On the island, Ae-jeong and the four men are dismayed to hear they're stuck there until the next morning. Koo Dong-chan goes into his father's study.


Ae-jeong wants to talk to Dae-o, but someone else answers the door at his place. Jin decides he's had enough of being told what to do.


The true events of what happened 14 years ago between Ae-jeong and Dae-o come to light. A-rin comes across a frustrated Jin.


A scandalous news article causes problems for Ha-nee at school and horrifies Ae-jeong, who becomes determined to put a stop to the rumors.


Jin brings Ha-nee back to where it all started for him, Dae-o and Ae-jeong. Dong-chan works up the courage to ask his father about his mother.


While trapped in a kidnapping, Dong-chan's eyes are opened to the truth about Pa-do. A-rin drops a bomb on the film's production.


Yeon-woo and Ae-jeong share a heart-to-heart. Ha-nee crafts an unusual checklist for Dae-o. A-rin rescues Jin from an unpleasant encounter.


A malicious online post about Dae-o and Ae-jeong's relationship goes viral, putting the film and Dae-o's reputation in serious jeopardy.