WITS Academy (2015)

22mComédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



O sonho de Andi de se tornar uma guardiã tornou-se realidade, ela vai treinar e estudar na Wits academy, a mais estimada escola do reino mágico de bruxas e magos em formação. A pedido da "escolhida" Andi é aceita na academia, ela tem que trabalhar duro para provar que pode ser a primeira guardiã humana. Ela é responsável por pegar os mais difíceis magos e bruxas em treinamento para o dia da formatura, como um deles sendo, Jessie, a irmã mais nova de Jax. Andi já chega na academia, e arranja uma rival Ruby, que logo no começo não se dar bem com ela. Mais os problemas começam a aparecer depois que Andi e Agamemnon notam que as folhas da árvore dyad começam a cair.


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1The New Guard

Andi Cruz arrives at the prestigious WITS Academy and meets the other Guardians and witches-in-training.

2The Jinx

The WITS complete their first test; Ben struggles with the second challenge; Ruby has it out for Andi.

3The Root of All Evil

Ruby is determined to find the room with the magical sap; Andi copies another Guardian's teaching method.

4Hide and Go Hex

Andi and Jessie search for Hex; the Blockers competition commences; Ruby hunts for a spell that will return her to the roots room.


Andi, Ruby, Luke and all their witches-in-training must work together to reverse a switcheroo spell on Ethan and Emily; Ruby has everyone fooled.

6Power Trip

Andi tries to get Jessie's powers back; Jessie befriends Ethan; Ben tries to be like Luke; Ruby begins honing her new powers.

7Sparring Partners

Coach Foiler arrives and gives Andi a hard time; Andi works to get Jessie's powers back; Ruby finds an unlikely magic coach in Emily.

8No Pain, No Gain

Andi must train extra hard for the Guardians' fitness finals; Jessie and Emily's feud escalates; Ruby discovers a risky spell she wants to use on Andi.

9Finish Line

The Guardians' fitness finals have arrived; Jessie and Emily duel; Luke and Andi grow closer; Ruby's spell on Andi goes horribly wrong.

10Who's My WIT

The Guardians receive a new shield building assignment but are partnered with different WITs. Also, while under a spell, Luke tries to woo Andi.

11Witch Hunt

The mysterious intruder reveals himself. Andi reconsiders going out with Luke and finds the perfect object to make her shield triumph beyond the rest.

12Bizarro Ruby

Ruby becomes nice after being hit by her own docile spell. Meanwhile, Andi investigates how Ruby can perform magic and Cameron is suspected to be the escaped fugitive.