Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil (2014)




A história se passa em Tóquio, em 2018, onde os seres humanos normais e aqueles que podem usar magia coexistem. Como resultado, existem leis contra o uso de magia, e um "tribunal magia" existe para presidir ações judiciais a respeito do uso de magia. Nestes casos, "Benmashi" ou advogados defendem aqueles que usam magia. O anime segue Cecil, o Benmashi mais jovem da história, e seus associados, como defendem os clientes nestes casos.


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1Lady Justice: Sword and Scales

Cecil, a brand new Wizard Barrister, ends up witnessing a bank robbery on her way to her first day at Butterfly Law Offices. Coincidentally, a man named Kohinata was being apprehended on suspicions of being part of the No Face gang, who robbed the bank and she says that she'll represent him. Cecil believes his words that it was in self defense, but this also had to do with the fact that her mother was on deathrow on the charges of murder.

2Hard Case

Cecil argues that her client was indeed acting in self defense, while the prosecution argues that he was part of the robbery gang, who had a falling out and so he killed one of his former friends. To prove his innocence, Cecil goes to find No Face herself.

3Love and Hate

A woman named Maya appears before Hachiya. She was the girlfriend of a man that Hachiya helped sentence to death, and is now asking him to represent her in court.

4Personality Crisis

The job Butterfly Law Offices gets this time is to defend a man named Tsuguji. Tsuguji has killed 15 wizards, and Cecil can't help but have reservations about defending such a person... but knows that it's part of her job and complies.

5Six Nine

Cecil gets a job defending an associate from their rival office, Shark Knight. Kujira is accused of using magic to murder someone. Kamakiri, Butterfly's oldest and slowest associate is told to partner with Cecil on this case. Because the two can't seem to work together well, they have a hard time finding evidence to help Kujira.

6Hero Show

Because of Cecil's violations of using magic, Butterfly Law Offices keep getting fined. Cecil starts to hate the fact that she can use magic and then Kabutohara tries to cheer her up by inviting her to a cosplay event.

7Maple Leaf in Canada

The team at Butterfly head to Boston for a training trip. The training finishes earlier than expected, so Cecil and Natsuna head to Canada to visit Cecil's father with the extra time that they have.

8Saint Christopher Charm

Cecil heads home to Ontario and is reunited with her father, David. They talk about Cecil's mother's trial and Natsuna tells Cecil that she would be willing to help her try to get her mother a retrial.

9Secret Puzzle

Once back in Tokyo, Cecil starts to invesigate exactly what happened in the incident six years ago involving her mother. She finds out from Kaede that her getting attacked in Canada has something to do with the incident six years ago.


It comes to light that Shizumu was trying to get his hands on Cecil. Just when Cecil was about to fall into his hands, the one that came to her rescue was Shark Knight's Sameoka. Sameoka and Shizumu's battle of magic is about to begin!

11Shining Cecil

Cecil finally falls into Macal's hands. The ritual to summon Lucifer begins and a huge magic circle appears in the city... What will happen to Cecil?

12Judgement: Fact or Fiction

Makusu offers to confess his crimes, but only if Cecil defend shim at trial. With so many things whirling around, Cecil will have to prove that she can get it done in the stunning conclusion of Wizard Barristers!