Wynonna Earp: A Maldição dos Renascidos (2016)

44mAction & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Faroeste

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Após um longo tempo fora, Wynonna, descendente do lendário Wyatt Earp, retorna à cidade de Purgatório e precisa proteger sua família, lutando contra demônios.


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1Na Estrada Novamente

Wynonna Earp corre para encontrar um caminho para o Jardim antes que sua irmã fique presa para sempre.

1Blood Red and Going Down

When a mysterious bus full of sexy strangers rolls into town, Wynonna must figure out why they are in Purgatory before the entire town falls under their spell.


Wyatt Earp's great granddaughter celebrates her 27th birthday by reluctantly returning to her hometown to take on her family's legendary curse.

2Amigos no Subsolo

Wynonna trabalha com um novo aliado para resgatar sua família, mas as reuniões têm um preço.

2When You Call My Name

The demon who cursed the Earp heir reveals himself in a shocking turn of events that will leave the team forever changed.

2Shed Your Skin

While Waverly's change accelerates and Doc makes a dangerous deal, Wynonna must fight spider creatures. Yep.

2Keep the Home Fires Burning

Wynonna attracts some unwanted attention after returning to Purgatory. At the same time, she struggles to keep her impetuous nature in check while trying to conform to the rules imposed by the Black Badge Division. In other happenings, drifter Henry makes a deal he may not be able to honor.

3Eles Estão de Volta

Wynonna se vê do lado errado da lei e Doc faz parceria com um novo demônio.

3Colder Weather

The team must come to terms with the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, someone claiming to be from Black Badge Division arrives in Purgatory.

3Gonna Getcha Good

Doc tries to help a friend, while Wynonna must deal with an angry Marzanoik - that's like a genie but way more evil - with payback on his mind. It's Wynonna to the rescue when this demonic force threatens some high school friends. But there's a much bigger threat looming.

3Leavin' on Your Mind

Wynonna investigates when a posse of Revenants go on a killing spree, which she concludes has a darker and more sinister point behind it. Meanwhile, Waverly challenges Henry's motives and sets out to unearth more of his past.


Wynonna enfrenta um antigo inimigo enquanto Waverly e Nicole procuram ajuda.

4No Cure for Crazy

The forest reveals its secrets - and a clue to Nicole's past. Meanwhile, Wynonna pays an unexpected visit to her mother.

4She Ain't Right

The team must recover a very powerful briefcase before it falls into the wrong hands. Don't expect everything to go smoothly - it's Earp vs. Earp as Wynonna fights for her sister Waverly's soul.

4The Blade

Wynonna and Dolls try to stop an invisible assailant killing Purgatory residents.

5Guerra Sagrada - Parte 1

Problemas em Homestead resultam em tempo para se vingar de um acordo mortal.


A demon causes havoc in town as Wynonna, Waverly and Jolene must decide who they can trust.

5Let's Pretend We're Strangers

A furious thunder-snowstorm makes landfall while Wynonna and Waverly are forced to confront their demons - and each other.

5Diggin' Up Bones

Wynonna and Dolls make a daring raid on the trailer park run by the lead Revenant. Henry comes face to face with an old nemesis.

6Guerra Sagrada - Parte 2

O time corre para salvar um dos seus, mas é impedido por forças invisíveis.

6If We Make It Through December

Eggnog for everyone! It's holiday season in Purgatory! Wynonna teams up with a new ally to search for a missing kid on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, Waverly learns more about her father.

6Whiskey Lullaby

Wynonna races against the clock to save Purgatory before the whole town takes a permanent dirt nap.

7Amor pra Todo Lado

O amor está no ar quando Waverly e Nicole comemoram seu noivado em uma noite encantada.

7I Fall to Pieces

Lady Luck seems to have abandoned Wynonna and Nicole when an errand for Nedley goes terribly wrong. Mama discovers Doc's secret.

7Everybody Knows

Doc and Wynonna's indiscretions haunt the team and the ties that bind them. Wynonna's past mistakes hold present consequences, while Purgatory has a new most wanted: Doc Holliday. Wynonna and Nicole hit the road for answers.

7Walking After Midnight

Waverly's engagement party guests are put in danger by Henry's quest for revenge. Wynonna investigates a killer targeting young women.

8Waiting Forever for You

It's date night in Purgatory, which means dressing up, drinking, and fighting demons as a formidable, former foe stalks the gang.

8O Inferno é Divertido

Wynonna e Waverly têm um Halloween inesquecível, enquanto Rotten Jack aterroriza Purgatório.

8No Future in the Past

Wynonna has an opportunity to discover the origins of the Earp curse while her team works to save the future.

8Two-Faced Jack

Henry and Deputy Marshall Dolls infiltrate a Revenant hive. Wynonna tries to avoid being a serial killer's next victim.

9Undo It

History keeps repeating itself when Wynonna has to make an impossible choice. Waverly and Nicole visit a jeweller and a familiar face returns to Purgatory.


É Noite de Trivia em Purgatório! E isso só pode significar assassinato, caos e sanduíches de cérebro.

9Forever Mine Nevermind

Wynonna asks Doc to make an impossible choice. Waverly makes a new friend - and is terrorized by an old one.

10The Other Woman

A mysterious woman who knows a little too much about the Earps arrives on the Homestead with a special mission for Wynonna and Waverly. The rest of the team must wrangle a deadly fire witch.

10A Vida a Fez Assim

Um inimigo mortal reaparece no Triângulo do Rio Fantasma, com a intenção de terminar o que começou.

10I See a Darkness

The team may not be able to save one of their own after a deadly run-in with the widows.

10She Wouldn't Be Gone

Wynonna and Dolls investigate the snowy Barrens and the rumors of a bloodthirsty beast. Henry confronts his future with Waverly's help.

11Daddy Lessons

Wynonna has a run in with Revenants that leads her to an unexpected revelation about the curse. Waverly meets an important figure from her past, and Nicole tries to evacuate Purgatory - before it's too late.

11Melhor Tentar as Duas

Wynonna e Waverly seguem dois caminhos muito diferentes e perigosos em um esforço para salvar Purgatório.

11Gone as a Girl Can Get

Allies become enemies when a vengeful wish goes awry.


Wynonna puts the discovery in the Barrens behind her after a gambler is torn apart. Henry meets a mysterious stranger.

12Velhas Almas

Grandes decisões e sentimentos são revelados quando uma nova bruxa se torna conhecida em Purgatório.

12I Hope You Dance

Wynonna is running out of time, and is desperate to defeat the widows before her fate is sealed.

12House of Memories

An admirer with a gruesome vendetta threatens the town. Wynonna tries to outwit Bobo Del Rey and protect Dolls.