Yesterday wo Utatte (2020)

23mAnimação, Drama

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Na história um garoto sem ambições na vida aceita um trabalho em uma loja de conveniência, onde acaba encontra sua estranha ex-namorada. A história acompanha o dia a dia e constantes encontros dos dois.


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1A Misfit's Attempt at Self-Reform

Uozumi Rikuo runs into his old crush, Morinome Shinako, and Nonaka Haru runs into her old crush, Rikuo.


Hayakawa Rou is a student at the school where Morinome Shinako teaches. They seem to have some kind of shared history.

3What Is Love?

Rikuo catches a cold after standing in the rain with Haru. She invites him to the movies as a way of apologizing.

4As the River Flows, Shinako Returns Home

Hayakawa Rou is in love with Morinome Shinako, who hasn’t moved on from the late Hayakawa Yuu, Rou’s brother. She visits their home back in Kanazawa.

5The Man Named Minato

Minato Kouichi was a classmate of Morinome Haru, and a student of photography. They run into each other at Rikuo’s workplace.

6The Woman Named Yuzuhara

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7Premonition of a Couple

Shinako and Rou get into a fight. Rikuo tries to help mend things, but the answers aren’t clear.

8Innocent Blue

Shinako invites Rikuo over, but she chickens out, making a fragile friendship even more tenuous.

9Christmas Carol

Rikuo’s friends want to invite him and Shinako over for Christmas. Rou has plans of his own.

10A New Year of Beginnings

Shinako calls off going back to Kanazawa for the new year. She and Rikuo make plans to spend it together.

11A Spring Storm

A burglar breaks into Haru’s place. Rikuo gives her company for the night after.

12The Long Way

Rikuo notices that something isn’t quite right between him and Shinako. Meanwhile, Haru suffers.