Yoru no Yatterman (2015)

25mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Muito tempo atrás, duplas de heróis chamados Yattermen enfrentaram a maligna Gangue Doronbo. No presente, o Reino de Yatter é protegido por novos Yattermen, mas esses misteriosos e novos "heróis" forçam o povo a trabalhar e o reino está instável. Agora, a sucessora da Doronbo reforma a gangue e pretende rebelar-se contra os Yattermen.


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1The World Is Pitch-Black

Leopard is a descendant of Doronjo, who led a group of thieves called Doronbow. After coming to hold a grudge against Yatterman, she calls herself Doronjo and forms a new Doronbow, together with the descendants of Doronjo's underlings.

2We'll Give Yatterman a Forehead Flicking

After forming a new Doronbow, Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzra finally enter Yatter Kingdom in order to give a forehead flicking to Yatterman. However, after the fight, they realize something that they had never even thought of.

3We're Not Angels But We'll Pretend to Be

After being defeated by Yatter soldiers, Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzra find a house to hide. There, they meet Alouette, who mistakes them for angels. She thinks that they are there to grant her wish to be reunited with her parents.

4Steamy Outdoor Hot Spring Trip

Doronjo and the gang come to know a couple when they stop by a village. When the wife goes to collect firewood, she offers to take them to a hot spring. Then, when they come back, they see her husband being taken away by the Yatter soldiers.

5The Hurricane Dedicated to His Mother

Doronjo and her gang visit a town where a snow festival is being held. There, they meet Takeshi, who tells them that he’s going to enter one of the martial arts tournaments. After they find out that there are rewards, Galina ends up entering as well.

6The Flower That Blooms in Winter

General Goro persistently pursues Doronjo and her gang, putting them in constant danger. Out of concern for Doronjo's safety, Boyacky and Tonzra suggest that they temporarily give up on trying to give Yatterman a forehead flicking.

7Dream Sea

The gang comes to a seashore where a wall divides the open sea and the inland sea. Due to their hunger, they get woozy and mistake Ryu, a fisherman, for a turtle, and rescue him from Yatter soldiers, hoping that he'll take them to the Sea God’s Palace.

8Kussie of Lake Kussharo-Dessharo

The gang takes a break from their traveling in order for Doronjo to rest and recover from a cold. While Galina tries to tend to Doronjo, Alouette goes to a river to get some water. There, she meets a creature that was separated from its mother.

9Abareshi Prison

After a series of failures, General Goro becomes serious about pursuing Doronjo and her gang. Realizing that this is his last chance to make up for his failures, he sets a trap in a small town, which leads to his success in capturing Doronbow.

10The Twelve Yatter Guardian Gods' Encirclement

Doronbow finally reaches Yatter Metropolis. When they see people being forced to work for Yatterman, Doronjo renews her vow to bring down Yatterman and they sneak into Yatterman's palace, where they're met by the Twelve Yatter Guardian Gods.

11The Truth About Yatter Metropolis

Doronjo and her gang were taken to see Yatterman although the one who actually greeted them was Dokurobey. Stunned by the situation, they ask him to explain what is going on. There, Dokurobey starts telling his story of how he ended up being there.

12The Dawn

After being attacked and falling into a lake, Doronjo and the gang manage to survive. Doronjo comes to realize that in order to change the world, people need to be told the truth about Yatterman; however, no one believes what Doronbow has to say.