Young Black Jack (2015)

24mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

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É 1968 e o mundo está enlouquecido com a guerra do Vietnã e protestos estudantis. Neste momento de confusão, um jovem misterioso de cabelos brancos e pretos com uma cicatriz no rosto está matriculado numa faculdade de medicina. Suas habilidades geniais com um bisturi realizam vários milagres médicos e começam a chamar a atenção. A origem deste herói revela como este homem ganhou sua precisão médica e o nome de Black Jack.


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1Where is the doctor!

In 1968, the University of Tokyo conflict broke out. An era in which many young people went into the fight against state power.


Suddenly attacked at night and kidnapped somewhere. When I woke up, it was in a dim room. A collector's entry appears before being detained with a few men. "The reason why everyone gathered today is to make a wonderful proposal to make debts chara!" It was a proposal for an organ transplant to give his heart to a wealthy man. As a result of the conformity test, a man named Ma and Raymond is selected as a donor.


In 1968, the University of Tokyo conflict broke out. An era in which many young people went into the fight against state power.

4In Vietname Part 1

A month ago, Yabu headed to the battlefield, Vietnam, where he wanted to start over, inspired by the black man. After that, the contact was lost, and Kuroo came to Saigon in search of the bush. After hearing from reportage writer Takayanagi who introduced the local hospital to the bush, Kuroo heads for Dalat, where there is a high possibility of the bush. Up to Dalat, I decided to accompany the US military transport unit with Takayanagi.

5In Vietnam Part 2

Black men who were taken prisoner of the Viet Cong in South Vietnam. Bob, a U.S. soldier who was taken prisoner with him, demands that the Viet Cong captain release his unjustified restraint and treat his seriously injured fellow Steve.

6In Vietname Part 3

Steve was saved by an operation by a US military surgeon. The next morning, I couldn't see him. Kuroo says he may still think he's a prisoner of war because his consciousness has remained cloudy all the time. Tragedy happens when he is found and persuaded.

7Painless Revolution Part 1

Okamoto and Kuroo who came to the United States. The two will visit the open surgery of Professor Reisenberg, a well-known doctor, at the Birmingham University Memorial Hospital. At the hospital, Okamoto reunites with Tiara, whom she met while studying abroad, and she introduces her childhood friend Johnny, an activist of the black liberation movement.

8Painless Revolution Part 2

Painless Johnny feels no pain. The black men struggle to cure his illness. I asked Johnny many times and tried my best to find out the cause. At that time, a bush comes from Vietnam to visit Professor Risenberg.

9The Gruesome Chronicle Part 1

Maruo Momoki, a former professor at Imperial University, who is said to lead Japanese orthopedics, has arrived at Honetsu University. Momoki loses both hands and feet in an accident and gives a lecture while moving a wheelchair with an artificial hand. He was a student of Mr. Jotaro Homma, a lifesaver of Kuroo, and he had been acquainted with Kuroo for a long time.

10The Gruesome Chronicle Part 2

Hyakuki should have made a fresh start as a surgeon. However, the operation that Hyakuki was supposed to perform at Teito University Hospital will be cancelled. A photo of the autopsy was sent to the patient and was strongly opposed.

11The Gruesome Chronicle Part 3

A black man who is shocked like the change of Hyakuki who reunited. When asked by Kuroo, "What happened?", Momoki tells how he decided to take revenge. The day he broke up with Kuroo and headed to the hospital, he learned that he had been expelled from the Imperial Hospital by treasure doctors

12The Season of Madness

Some students are intensifying, aiming for a violent revolution. Meanwhile, Kuroo meets a college student named Eri Imagami. I met her during the first Haneda struggle. The black man, who found Eri who was fainting with blood bleeding from his face in a nearby park, treated the wound on the spot when the wound was surely left.