Yurikuma Arashi (2015)

25mAction & Adventure, Animação, Drama

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Algum tempo atrás, o asteroide Kumaria explodiu nas profundezas do espaço. Os fragmentos que sobraram tornaram-se em uma chuva de meteoros que caíram na Terra, e por alguma razão, ursos do mundo inteiro se levantaram e começaram a atacar a humanidade! Os ursos passaram a comer os seres humanos e os seres humanos atirarem nos ursos, resultando em uma batalha aparentemente interminável e um ciclo de ódio. No final, um gigante “Wall of Extinction” foi erguido entre os seres humanos e ursos e um estado de não-agressão mútua foi imposto. Certa manhã, as alunas da Academia Arashigaoka, Kureha Tsubaki e Sumika Izumino viram a “Yuri Flower”, que floresceu em um canteiro de flores. As duas são amigas, mas também são “amantes”. O canteiro de flores é um lugar importante para as duas. Mas naquele momento, os alarmes de ursos soaram! Os ursos estão a invadir o mundo humano, e os seres humanos estão sendo atacados! Eles são realmente os ursos? Um mistério invoca outro mistério, um após o outro.


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1Never Back Down on Love

Kureha Tsubaki is a happy high school student in requited love until one day, bears suddenly start terrorizing the school, two mysterious transfer students appear, tragedy strikes, and things get... well, weird.

2Even If I Use Up All My Strength, I'll Never Forgive You

Kureha's not interested in going back to school, but not everyone is taking no for an answer. Will she come willingly, or will it take a home invasion, gunfire, and a direct challenge from the Wall?

3The Invisible Storm

Kureha's classmates hold a terrible ceremony.

4I Can't Get a Kiss

The Severance Court has the day off, so Life Sexy takes the opportunity to relate a fairy tale - about a young princess named Lulu, who gave up on kisses.

5I Want to Have You All to Myself

Kureha's class apologizes for the Invisible Storm and offers to make it up to her. Meanwhile, we learn a little more about Ginko's past.

6The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl

Once upon a time, the worlds were divided in two by the sky.

7The Girl That I Forgot

As Ginko struggles to recover, Kureha realizes that she's forgotten a very dear friend for a very long time.


20 years ago, Yurika, revealed to be a bear, was taken in as a cub by a woman, who she ended up killing when she tried to leave her. Having lived alone at Arashigaoka Academy, Yurika was eventually befriended by Reia, becoming close to her and giving her a pendant as a sign of her love. However, she felt betrayed when Reia eventually gave birth to Kureha, and a few years later, Yurika killed Reia after she gave her pendant to Ginko. Back in the present, Kureha, who had heard Reia's pendant was taken by the bear who killed her, is shocked to find Ginko wearing it. The next day, Yurika reveals to Kureha that Ginko and Lulu are bears, claiming they were the ones who killed Reia. Later, the Judgemens call Kureha, Ginko, and Yurika to the rooftop, where Yurika tries to coerce Kureha into killing Ginko, who denies killing Reia but is willing to be shot if it will satisfy her. Just as Kureha is about to let down her aim, thinking about all the things Ginko has done for her, Lulu appears and tells Kureha about the crime that Ginko had committed concerning Sumika, prompting her to take aim again.

9The Future of the Girls

Ginko sees desire's true face, and Kureha longs to see Ginko's true face.

10The Door to Friendship

Now that Kureha knows the future her mother envisioned for her, she has to make some tough choices about what friendship means.

11What We Hope For

Chouko and her classmates have come up with a plan to eliminate their bear problem, but it involves a little sacrifice.

12Yuri Kuma Arashi

When yuri meets bear, a storm begins.