Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (2017)

24mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Drama, Comédia

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A série "fantasia grimoire" segue uma bruxa chamada Zero, que é ignorante do mundo e um meio-besta meio-humano mercenário que anseia por ser humano. Bruxas que praticam feitiçaria existem no mundo, no entanto, nesta época ninguém sabe como sobre a arte e o estudo da feitiçaria. Zero está indo em uma viagem para procurar um tom mágico chamado "O Livro do Zero" que esconde um poder que pode destruir o mundo. O mercenário viaja com ela como sua guarda.


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1The Witch and the Beastfallen

A witch, Zero, and a half-beast, Mercenary, form an unlikely alliance to begin their quest. Meanwhile, they are being stalked by a mysterious figure.


Albus joins Mercenary and Zero. With the new member in tow, the group heads out to a new village, but not all goes as planned.


The group comes upon the city of Formicum where they look to stay and rest. While there, Zero and Mercenary run into some trouble.

4The Road to Latette

As they make their way to Latette, Mercenary teaches Zero about different aspects of the world while also warming up to Albus.

5The Sorcerers of Zero

The three start their investigation into the massacre in Latette, leading Zero to meet someone from her past.


Thirteen and Zero are determined to finish what they started. Meanwhile, they learn more about Thirteen's intentions, including why he chose to become Sorcerer of the State.

7Plasta, the Royal Capital

Zero, betrayed by Mercenary's doubts about her, dissolves the agreement. Now alone, Mercenary finds himself helping out a young woman with a Beastfallen problem.

8Sorena's Granddaughter

Mercenary learns more about Holdem's past while tending to his wounds. Meanwhile, Thirteen has sinister plans for Albus.


With Mercenary, Holdem, and Albus on the run, they must figure out a way to free Zero from Thirteen's clutches.

10The Truth Revealed

Mercenary tries to save Zero from Thirteen, only to have his plans compromised. Meanwhile, Holdem and Albus face their own problems as they try to escape their captors.

11The Witch and the Sorcerer

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12The Grimoire of Zero

The battle for Wenias has begun! Will Mercenary and Zero's plan come to fruition or will it fail?